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    Version (2017.812.1631) - Added setting to check the active room for new messages very often (every 5, 10, or 15 seconds). - Added Resend button on pending or unsent messages.

HipTalk Universal

An unofficial mobile client for HipChat that helps you see which of your rooms have new messages Features: - Open rooms and private chats. View old messages history, send new messages - Receive toast notifications for new messages in favorite rooms and private chats - Pin rooms and private chats to start screen as live tiles to see number of unread messages Version History: Version (2017.812.1631) - Added setting to check the active room for new messages very often (every 5, 10, or 15 seconds). - Added Resend button on pending or unsent messages. Version (2017.803.1500) - On the main page, users who are online will have a green indicator next to their names. - Messages now display the profile picture of the sender. Version (2117.0728.1499) - The application can now login and auto generate the HipChat access token. - Added application log page and a background task status information. Version (2117.0724.1498) - Added pending/unsent status to sent messages. - Added ability to resend messages. If an unsent message is resent successfully, the original one is removed from the list. Version (2117.0427.1628) - UI restyling. - Added option to switch between dark and light theme. - Performance optimizations and minor bug fixes. Version (2017.0111.1493) - Added option to reopen last room or chat on startup - Added option to detect internet connectivity - Removed AppStretch links - Minor bugfixes and UI improvements Version (2016.1114.1492) - Fixed a bug where the "sync open rooms from HipChat" option cannot be turned of Version 1.4.9 (2016.0827.1490) - Added better prompt to submit requests on AppStretch - Fixed a bug where the app opened from a notification popup will not have back navigation buttons (Windows 10 version) - Fixed a crash that would happen on pressing the speech button if Cortana dictation was not been enabled on the device previously (Windows 10 version) Version 1.4.8 (2016.0809.1480) - Added support for tile with notifications on Microsoft Band - Fixed a bug where messages sent to a private chat were not populated in the messages list Version 1.4.7 (2016.0716.1470) - Added option to enable logging - Minor bugfixes Version 1.4.6 (2016.0622.1460) - Renamed application to HipTalk Universal - Added option to automatically sync open rooms from HipChat - Start menu tiles are now transparent, primary tile shows last message - Suppressing repeated error toast messages - they will show only in the notifications center Version 1.4.5 (2016.0604.1450) - Added link to AppStretch page for feature requests - Added checks if HipChat servers are currently online - Current user mention name is now bolded in the users list on the main page - Bugfix: Users are no longer prompted to rate and review until they have created an account - Bugfix: Possible fix for some crashes - UI tweaks: Supporting landscape orientation on phone - UI tweaks: Minor font size and layout changes Version 1.4.4 (2016.406.1440) - HCUniversal is now a Share target, allowing to send links or text from other apps to rooms - Added "Clear Badge Notifications" command to clear the unread messages badge notifications on the live tiles Version 1.4.2 (2015.1215.1420) - Minor improvements to the authentication process - Attempt to fix Win10 startup issue Version 1.4.1 - Added Prev and Next buttons to the room and chat pages to allow quick navigation - Minor bugfixes, possibly improved start time Version 1.4.0 - Changed the underlying store to SQLite for better performance and stability - Retrieving and sending messages no longer disables the message list - When retrieving new messages, if there are more than 100 new messages, a special entry will be inserted in the list, and tapping it will retrieve the intermediate messages - Lifted the limit of max 1000 messages for private chats Version 1.3.4 - Added setting for messages font size - Added more detailed help for creating HipChat API token Version 1.3.3 - Added support for auto-completing emoticons when writing messages - Added support displaying emoticons inline in messages - (Windows 10) Added Cortana support - (Windows 10) Added adaptive live tiles Version 1.3.2 - When configuring an account, the app now automatically detects the user name of the user that provided his API token. Messages which mention that user will have his mention name highlighted in orange - No longer will toast notification be shown for messages that are sent by the user logged in the app, since he should know that he has sent a message to a room - When typing a mention name starting with @ in the message box, a list of matching users is presented and they can be tapped for auto-complete - Implemented an optimization that will reduce the network bandwidth when checking for new messages Version 1.3.1: - Added online status for the users (Note: populates slowly when checking for new messages, in order to not exceed HipChat rate limits) - Added list of room participants - UI revamp - decreased element and font sizes so that more items fit on screen - Fixed an issue preventing the correct number of unread messages to display on the room and private chat tiles on the main page - Other minor bug fixes Version 1.3.0: - Added support for multiple accounts (paid version only) Version 1.2.7: - Bugfix: When sending message to a room, it will immediately appear in the messages list - Changed color scheme to better support light theme and selection - Implemented Share contract to allow sharing the text or links of messages with other applications Version 1.2.6: - (Experimental) Ability to connect to private HipChat servers - Added a setting whether to show the images in messages in rooms and private chats - Minor bugfixes Version 1.2.5: - Added uploading of files to rooms and private chats - Added filtering of rooms and user on the main page - Added ability to send an email report with crash details - Fixed an issue preventing the display of images sent along with messages in rooms and private chats - Added a loading page Version 1.2.4: - Added settings to control toast notifications and frequency of checking for new messages - Added a page to choose the identity of the current user (to use with the "for messages than mention me" toast notifications setting) - Fixed a problem that caused the messages scroller in a room to lose position while checking for new messages Version 1.2.2: - Support for displaying uploaded file links and images in rooms and private chats. You may need to clear and re-retrieve messages to see the uploaded files - Added functionality to auto-capture the HipChat token from the web page - Fix for rate limiting issue - Fix for a bug preventing private chats from showing messages on first opening Version 1.2.1: - Reduced the number of HipChat calls to avoid rate limiting - Main application tile now shows the unread messages in all favorite rooms and private chats - Clickable links in messages Version 1.2: - Added private chats which allows to send messages to users and to view the last up to 1000 private chat messages. - Loading up to 1000 (up from 100) rooms and contacts. - Rooms in the lobby and users are now sorted alphabetically. - Semantic zoom/jump lists in rooms and private chats allow you to quickly jump to message from a particular date.


  • Read and send messages to HipChat rooms
  • Live tiles and toast notifications helps you see which HipChat rooms have new messages

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13 July 2015

Interface is clunky, text is way bigger than it needs to be. Sent messages do not show up in the message log.