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  • Category: Education
  • Published by: BSP Applications ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    Changes in version 1.4: - Added new quizzes for you to play. Now there are 5187 quality quiz questions in 22 free and 84 paid quizzes. - AI players are easier to beat (they’re not as smart as in the previous release). - Optimized user experience for private game sessions. - Added „How To Play“ page. - Added direct link to game’s Facebook page. - Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hot Potato - The Quiz Game

Hot Potato - The Quiz Game is a game in which you can compete against other players in answering questions correctly and as fast as possible. You can play alone, against computer-generated players of various “intelligence”, or with friends on your local or home network. The game contains quizzes in several categories (like Geography, Science, Music…), some of these quizzes are free and some are paid. You can purchase access to all of the paid quizzes from within the application. When you start a new quiz game or join an existing game, you start receiving "hot potatoes" with questions you should answer within a given time limit. The time limit is shortening towards the end of the game. You can receive bonus points if you answer 5 questions in a row correctly or if you are holding the potato (you have a question to answer) at the end of the game. How many bonus points you get is determined by your average points per answer. You can play this game also on Windows Phone 8, search for Hot Potato - The Quiz Game in Windows Phone Store.


  • Variety of quizzes in several different categories
  • Play alone, with computer-generated players or your friends on your local network

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30 August 2015

its boring cause you have be like super totally smart to do this game boring


21 April 2015

This game is pretty good, i just can't figure out how to change my username.


30 March 2013



14 November 2012

The quizzes in this app are really good (checked out the two free science packs).