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Human Japanese Intermediate

Human Japanese Intermediate will take your Japanese language skills to the next level. If you liked the first HJ, you'll love Intermediate. (And if you're new to Human Japanese, welcome aboard! Find a full list of content by chapter at www.humanjapanese.com/intermediate.) Like its predecessor, Human Japanese Intermediate is built on the idea that the best way to learn and truly comprehend Japanese is to have it explained by someone who speaks your language. Core concepts are explained in a friendly, down-to-earth tone, with frequent comparisons to similar aspects of English. With humor and warmth, it demystifies and illuminates the real nuts-and-bolts of the language--not just vocabulary and canned phrases like many other products. Explanations come alive with deeply interwoven interactive example sentences--more than 2600 in total--so that you can immediately see and hear exactly what you're learning. Stay on track with INGREDIENTS™ example sentence breakdowns. Next to every sentence is an icon that provides an instantaneous, simultaneous lookup of every word in the sentence, even conjugated forms! That means you'll never lose your flow in the middle of an interesting discussion just because you've momentarily forgotten the meaning of a word. Solve the chicken-and-egg aspect of kanji with our integrated approach that carefully explains how everything works and then dynamically changes the "spellings" of words to either kana, kanji, or kanji with furigana to match what you've learned at that point. Stay sharp with five different kinds of quizzes that track your history to help you focus on trouble spots. We care deeply about helping you to grow in your understanding of Japanese. Whether you've worked through the original Human Japanese app or have come from a different background, it will be our pleasure and privilege to be your guide on the next stage of your journey. Hajimemashou!


  • More than 40 illuminating chapters
  • Over 2600 example sentences and dialogs with crystal-clear recordings of male and female speech
  • Kanji animations, tips, illustrations, and more
  • Photos and cultural notes to keep you engaged and energized
  • Intelligent quizzes that track your history and help you focus on trouble spots
  • Ingredients(TM) example sentence breakdowns for total clarity in every example

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20 May 2015

Would purchase the Advanced model if it were available. If you are just starting out and have completed the Beginning version, this continues well and introduced a much more streamlined interface with learning tools. Please bring out an Advanced one that behaves in this manner!


18 March 2015

Forget Rosetta Stone, I've used it, taken college classes and studied at the Japan Society over the course of 3 years, and to date, Human Japanese has been the most powerful, most effective learning tool. EVERYONE interested learning Japanese should have this program, and for the price, it's practically stealing! If I could give it 6 stars, I would!


23 August 2014

really clear explanations and a great interface.