Hunger Games - Panem Run

Run through Panem while collecting sparks and resources to empower your District. Unrest is afoot in the Districts, and you’re in the thick of it in this social endless runner! Build hope for the oppressed by running through three of the 12 Districts in randomly generated levels, with more Districts becoming available soon! Collect sparks and materials that can be synthesized as power-ups for an action-packed experience! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run features: •EXPLORE the Districts of Panem •RUN ENDLESSLY as a member of your current District •DODGE, JUMP AND SMASH through obstacles Based on the film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire released worldwide on November 22, 2013, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run mobile game brings the endless runner genre to new social heights, putting the action from the movie into players’ hands. The lightning-quick action sequences in the mobile game compliment and extend the movie’s spectacular action and story. *Note : This game does not support the keyboard funcationality


  • DODGE, JUMP AND SMASH through obstacles.
  • RUN ENDLESSLY as a member of your current District
  • EXPLORE the Districts of Panem
  • Collect POWER UPs for ENDLESS Action

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2 June 2016

It was a blast and I love the characters people who don't like this game are awful


23 May 2016

It seems pointless, and it's kind of boring. It barely has anything to do with the Hunger Games.


28 March 2016

its is so interesting iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love it babyllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it


3 September 2015

Its hard


7 March 2015

They take so long with your score I waited 30 min till my score came in other than that, its fine.


28 February 2015

I love this game it is so fun it makes me feel free again. running forever nonstop so fun. but needs to work on graphics


25 February 2015

I wanted temple run so bad but could not get it because of the price. This game is jut like temple run but better. Completely free and perfect for Hunger Games fans like me!


17 February 2015

I think that you should be able to play as the characters from the movie, otherwise I have no complaints.


7 February 2015

Fun game, but you should allow some more avatars into the game.


3 February 2015

best game ever

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