i-Boating : Germany GPS Nautical / Marine Charts - offline sea, lake river navigation maps for fishing, sailing, boating, yachting, diving & cruising

GPS Marine Charts App offers access to charts covering Germany (derived from BSH(Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie) data). Only marine GPS app to have route assistance with Text Prompts for marine navigation. It has route manager to create new boating routes or import existing GPX/KML routes. It supports Nautical Charts course up orientation. ►FEATURES √ Download Beautiful & detailed Hardware/GPU accelerated vector charts (text stays upright on rotation) √ Query details of Maritime object (Buoy, Lights, Obstruction etc). √ Custom depth(Ft/Fathom/Meter) & distance units (km/mi/NM) √ Custom depth shading (safety depth). √ Record tracks, Autofollow with real-time track overlay √ Voice Prompts for marine navigation (requires GPS ) √ 1ft / 3ft depth contour maps for anglers for selected lake maps. Useful for fishing/trolling(freshwater/saltwater). √ Supports GPX/KML for boating route editing/import. √ Tide & Currents. √ Seamless chart quilting. Map details from Coastal, Approaches,Harbour, Inland Encs(rivers), and general ENC (Electronic Marine Charts) mapped to right zoom √ Enter/import Waypoints. ► MAPS Germany Get all the details that you find in your chartplotters! Includes unlimited updates for 1 year. ►ROUTE MANAGEMENT / TRIP PLANNING √ Create New Route/Edit Routes √ Reverse Routes √ Enter,Move, Add, Delete, Rename Waypoints √ Import GPX, KML & KMZ files √ Plot/Edit Routes √ Share/Export Routes, Tracks & Markers ►GPS FEATURES √ Auto Follow * Real Time Track Overlay * Predicted Path Vector * Course Up (Text stays upright) * Speed & Heading √ Route Assistance With Voice Prompts * Prompts when approaching a boating route marker * Continous distance & ETA updates * Alerts when sailing/boating off route * Alerts when boating in wrong direction √ Record Tracks ►TIDE & CURRENTS * For US, Canada, UK, Germany & New Zealand * High/Low Tides * Tidal Current Prediction * Active Current Stations ► SHARING * Share tracks/routes/markers on Facebook & Twitter * Export tracks/routes/markers as compressed GPX files. ► SAMPLE CHARTS Lauterbach Gager Peenemuende Vierow Ruden Kröslin Wolgast Peenestrom / Negenmark Rinne Peenestrom / Der Strom Uecker Berndshof List Hoernum Amrum Dagebuell Wyk Schluettsiel Helgoland Buesum Meldorf Eider Pellworm Strucklahnungshoern Husum Dove Harle Rendsburg Cuxhaven Brunsbuettel Glueckstadt Hamburg Stadersand Bremerhaven Oldenburg Elsfleth and Hunte Mouth Brake Bremen Wilhelmshaven Fischerbalje and Borkum Norddeich Norderney Langeoog Bensersiel Emden Ems Southern Part Wendtorf Kamp to Karnin Eidersperrwerk Toenning Friedrichstadt Baltic Sea German Bight Waters north of Kiel Mecklenburger Bucht Waters west of Ruegen Waters east of Ruegen Waters north of Helgoland Waters south of Helgoland Flensburger Foerde Geltinger Bucht Eckernfoerder Bucht Schlei Fehmarn Belt Luebecker Bucht Neustaedter Bucht Wismar Approach Rostock Approach Saaler Bodden Stralsund Approaches Northern coastal waters of Ruegen Sassnitz Approach Greifswalder Bodden Greifswald Approach Usedom North Frisian Islands northern part North Frisian Islands southern part, Eider Approach Helgoland Approach Jade and Weser Approach Elbe northern part Kiel Canal Kiel Canal Approach Elbe southern part Weser northern part Weser southern part and Hunte Jade Juist to Spiekeroog Ems Approach Ems Northern Part Dollart Flensburg Fahrensodde Gluecksburg Schausende Langballigau Gelting Schleswig Stexwig Fleckeby Missunde Lindaunis Arnis Kappeln Maasholm Schleimuende and Olpenitz Damp Eckernfoerde Kiel Marina Lippe Heiligenhafen Burgstaaken Grossenbrode Marina Groemitz Neustadt Niendorf Luebeck Harbours Wismar Timmendorf Kirchdorf Boltenhagen Rostock Kuehlungsborn Stralsund


  • Download charts for offline use (incl. Text Search, Visual Search and Chart Catalog)
  • Auto Follow mode with Real time track overlay and Course Up Orientation.
  • Route Editing/Creation (Plot routes from scratch or edit existing ones).
  • Import GPX/KML routes (Import existing files on device via Open With App)
  • Export GPX Tracks/Routes (Share with friends)
  • Create Way Points - Manually enter latitude, longitude, via GPS or select point on map
  • Record Marine GPS tracks (Incl. Real time track overlay, customizable update frequency)
  • Route Assistance (Incl. Continuous distance and ETA updates, alerts for going off route or wrong direction)
  • Incl. coverage for Wesel-Datteln-Kanal, Donau, Elbe, Mittelland Kanal, Neckar
  • Incl. coverage for Elbe-Havel-Kanal, Havel-Oder-Wasserstraße, Dortmund-Ems-Kanal, Rhein-Herne-Kanal
  • Incl. coverage for Spree-Oder-Wasserstraße, Weser, Untere Havel-Wasserstraße (Spandau - Plaue)
  • Incl. coverage for Berlin-Spandauer-Schifffahrtskanal, Westoder, Rhein, Elbe-Seitenkanal
  • Incl. coverage for Baltic Sea, North Sea, Main, Main-Donau-Kanal, Ruhr, Saar, Mosel
  • Incl. coverage for Althagen, Arnis, Barth, Bodstedt, Breege, Gager, Kiel, Fleckeby, Glowe
  • Incl. coverage for Amrum, Bensersiel, Bremen, Cuxhaven, Dollart, Dove Harle, Eider, Elbe
  • Incl. coverage for Emden, Hamburg, Helgoland, Hoernum, Husum, Jade, Oldenburg, North Frisian Islands
  • Incl. coverage for Zingst, Wendtorf, Wiek, Wismar, Wismar , Wittower Faehre, Wolgast, Wustrow
  • Incl. coverage for Parow, Peenemuende, Peenestrom / Der Strom, Peenestrom / Negenmark Rinne, Prerow, Puddemin, Ralswiek, Ribnitz, Rostock, Ruden, Saaler Bodden, Sassnitz, Schaprode, Schausende, Schlei
  • Incl. coverage for Kirchdorf, Kloster, Lauterbach, Lindaunis, Lohme, Luebecker Bucht, Marina Lippe, Missunde, Neustadt

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