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    This application supports external bluetooth GPS receivers (Bluetooth GPS receivers over serial port). We have tested on several external receivers but we can't certify them all. If this feature is extremely important, please verify that the app works with your Bluetooth GPS receiver.

i-Boating: Russia Inland Rivers/Waterways Charts - offline sea, lake river navigation GPS maps for fishing, sailing, boating, yachting, diving & cruising

This App offers access to RNC charts covering Russian inland waterways, rivers and lakes (incl. Volga River). First marine GPS app to have route assistance for marine navigation. You can create new boating routes or import existing GPX/KML routes. It supports Nautical Charts course up orientation. Includes Tide & Currents prediction. ►FEATURES √ Record tracks, Autofollow with real-time track overlay & predicted path vector. √ Alerts for marine navigation (requires GPS ) √ 1ft / 3ft depth contour maps for anglers for selected lake maps. √ Supports GPX/KML for boating route editing/import. √ Tide & Currents prediction. √ Seamless chart quilting of marine charts √ Enter or import Waypoints. ► MAPS √Russian inland waterways, rivers & lakes ►ROUTE MANAGEMENT / TRIP PLANNING √ Create New Route/Edit Existing Routes √ Delete / Rename points √ Import GPX, KML & KMZ files √ Plot/Edit Routes √ Enter Waypoints √ Share/Export Routes, Tracks & Markers √ Reverse Routes ►GPS FEATURES √ Auto Follow * Real Time Track Overlay * Predicted Path Vector * Course Up Mode * Speed & Heading √ Route Assistance With Prompts * Prompts when approaching a boating route marker * Continous distance and ETA updates * Alerts when sailing/boating off route * Alerts when boating in wrong direction √ Record Tracks ►TIDE & CURRENTS * For US, Canada, UK, Germany & New Zealand * High/Low Tides * Tidal Current Prediction * Active Current Stations ► SHARING * Share tracks/routes/markers on Facebook & Twitter * Export tracks/routes/markers as compressed GPX files. ►Central Russia Rivers: Volga, Nerl, Kashinka, Unzha, Moskva, Dubna, Hotchya, Shosha, Oka Reservoir from Tver to Nizhny Nowogrod: Ivankovskoe √Uglich √Rybinsk (fairway on the Volga) √Gorky Channel im.Moskvy: √Ikshinskoe √Pestovo √Klyazma √Pirogovsky √Kotovsky √Khlebnikov √Khimki ►Northwest Russia √Curonian Lagoon √Kaliningrad region of the river √Nevskaya Guba √Neva River √rivers and lakes of the Karelian Isthmus √Ladoga lake √Svir river √lake Onega √White Sea-Baltic Canal √Volga-Baltic Canal (Vytegra River) √White lake √Iwinski spill ►South Rusia √ Volga (Balakovo to Delta) √ Volgograd reservoir √ Volga Delta √ Volga-Don canal to them. Lenin √ river Don √ Tsimlyansk reservoir √ Kuban river √ river Protoka ►Volga-Kama Rservoirs:Cheboksary, Kuibyshev, Saratov Rivers:Kama, Ufa, Chusovaya, Sylva, collapse, Inva, Vishera, Vetluga


  • Download charts for offline use
  • Auto Follow mode with Real time track overlay and Course Up Orientation.
  • Import GPX/KML routes (Import existing files on device via Open With App)
  • Route Editing/Creation (Plot routes from scratch or edit existing ones).
  • Export / Share GPX tracks with friends via email.
  • Route Assistance (Incl. Continuous distance and ETA updates, alerts for going off route or wrong direction)
  • Create Way Points - Enter latitude longitude manually, via GPS or a specific point on map
  • Seamless chart quilting (GPS accurates charts projected to WGS84 datum).

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