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    Release 10 - Live Tile Support - Minor bug fixes Release 9 - Minor bug fixes and performance improvements - Mouse wheel scrolling bug fix Release 7 - Twitter Integration Release 6 - Fixed ads Release 4 - Featured person - Bug fixes Release 3 - Improved Full screen video - Enhanced video, audio, and photo browsing

I Heart Liberals

Are you left of center? Maybe very left of center? Then this app is for you! I Heart Liberals brings the key figures from the progressive political movement in the United States to your fingertips. Get quick access to all the key progressive figures of our day. Browse photos, listen to sounds, and watch videos of them making speeches, debating the other side or being interviewed.


  • Browse all your favorite progressives!
  • View photos
  • Watch videos
  • Listen to your favorite podcasts

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22 January 2015

I appreciate the news. The app just seems very generic and unimpressive. I like some of the features but would appreciate being able to set alerts for certain personalities or also making the tile a live one. I'll keep it but only for now.


4 June 2014

Doesn't have much to offer.


8 April 2014

NO sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


30 January 2014

I was thinking, could it be because the "lion of the senate" roarts no more, he passed aweay several years ago!!!!!


25 December 2013

It's exactly what I've been looking for! :D


21 December 2013

Combined with much more than just a biography of many of the Liberals and Progressives in this Country, it is developed into an excellent up to date news program, not necessarily limited to the "Liberality" present in our country, but this aspect makes it into very current and world wide coverage as to all aspects of what we need to be reminded of, whether we are right, left, or otherwise.


3 September 2013

very informative


2 September 2013

Whether you love them or hate them. Hopefully you find the app to be an interesting way to see what they have to say. If you have particular people you think I am missing, please e-mail support.


5 June 2013

this has one view of the of the political spectrum, but not one with which I blindly follow. other than being just one view, it's still a great app for anyone, including conservatives should, at the least, read.


12 May 2013

I love this app because it keeps me up to date on what all my favorite progressives are up to and making the US a better place to live for everyone!

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