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    In this release: * About window * Ability to open an article in the browser * Ability to read archived items * Live tile showing number of unread items * Fixed: App craches when adding with empty url field.

In The Pocket Free

Finally, it's here: your Pocket reader for Windows 8! Save for later! View when ready! In The Pocket allows you to send any internet content to your Pocket account, just like the original Bookmark Button '+ Pocket' does. Visiting a good webpage, reading in your rss reader or you see an interesting link in a tweet? Just use the share charm and the url is added to your Pocket account. This app uses the Pocket service (formerly Read It Later), which can be found at: http://getpocket.com/ This is not an official Pocket client, but there isn't one yet for windows 8.


  • Share your links to In The Pocket
  • Share your Pocket articles with other apps
  • Search your pocket articles

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23 March 2015

Find the *.exe file and right click to enable Compatibility, I used Windows 8 because I'm running Windows 10 TP. Worked fine after that.


23 October 2013

The app used to work fine with Windows 8.0 but then I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and now it crashes (does not even open) every time. I uninstalled it and re-installed it just in case, but same problem. :(


23 July 2013

The video works for me though when I back out it won't let me back out and the video goes when I can't see that. Glitch much? I can hear it but I can't see it. :/


13 April 2013

God knows why it says you are offline even when I am on a high-speed broadband connection. Doesn't work at all!


5 March 2013

This app is good for saving articles to your pocket account and that's about it. I like to view my articles without the extra ads and distractions of the web so I'll stick to the web app until an official Win8 app is released.