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    30/03/2013 Added new authors, including: Indries Shah Stewie Griffin Dinesh D'Souza **Previous** New live tiles Removed internal update, update will now be combined and automated Name change, for branding reasons across multiple platforms Bug Fix, should no longer stall on page change

Inspired Zen

Be Inspired to do something today! Reach your inspired Zen! This app is filled with inspirational quotes which should keep you motivated to be successful in your goals. Are you aspirational, are you ambitions, sometimes we need a little helping hand to keep up going, and sometimes that can come from just a few well spoken words. This app should help motivate you into achieving whatever it is you want to achieve. Whether that is financial, career, life, money, or just helping you carry on with the day to day grind through tougher times. Dear users, just a small plea, but rather than down vote us for not having the authors or functionality you want, just send an email to our support, and we can try to incorporate it into a future release. 30/03/2013 Added new authors, including: Indries Shah Stewie Griffin Dinesh D'Souza BUGFIX on quotes display Design tweak to better utilize space on larger screens **Previous** BUGFIX


  • Large number of Quotes
  • Share to facebook
  • Full functionality when snapped
  • Now comes preloaded with over 4000 quotes!
  • New! Now Supports Live Tiles

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29 March 2013

yo man what about indian personalities...


17 November 2012

Nothing better than having a cup of coffee in the morning while reading a phrase to tell your colleagues during the day... You will definitely look smarter afterwards!