Interplanetary Space Shmup

Interplanetary Space is a 2d shmup for gamers who like fast paced bullet hell shooters that can give a lot of fun and challenge by randomly generated levels, different enemies, weapons, upgrades and achievements!


  • Randomly generated levels
  • 30 different enemies
  • 13 enemy formations
  • 5 weapons with 5 levels
  • 10 upgrades in store with 5 levels
  • 25 cool achievements
  • 9 bonuses
  • Score system with chains
  • Exciting challenge!

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19 November 2013

It needs sound for the bullets you shoot ...but other than that its really good.... fantastic graphics and colors... trippy patterns..... way cool...


9 May 2013

Music is good, too bad you don't get to enjoy it for long before a game over. One accidental weapon pickup on later levels screws you over so much that it's best just to start over.