Invaders from Space Win8

Invaders from Space Win8 it's a tribute to the classic arcade game. The invaders from space wanna take the control of the Earth and you're the last chance to save it! Shoot against them and save the planet!


  • Shoot against invaders from space and save the Earth
  • Share your score with friends
  • Check your scores and records

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30 May 2016

Just like the classic arcade game, and this one's free. It's exactly what I was looking for.


9 November 2013

Just like the Classic game with all the familiar sounds. If you like the 70's/80's edition you'll love this!


3 November 2013

Wonderful and simple game. Just like the popular game of the 80s.


20 February 2013

It's just space invaders. If that's what you want, it's a great game :)


18 February 2013

score doesn't change


12 February 2013

Space invaders was my FAVORITE arcade game in the 80's and this one reminds me of the old days!! Cant wait for more levels!!! Wish I could give it 10 stars!! Hurry hurry hurry with more levels!!!!!!!


1 February 2013

The touch controls for moving left and right are terrible.


26 January 2013

I was hit many times by enemy fire and never lost a life. Is it possible to make this game even less exciting than the original? Yes, thank you for proving that.


24 January 2013

Ahhh memories.. wish control left n right was better


22 January 2013

Web page blocks acres to game

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