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    All releases are based on inputs (suggestions/feedback/feature requests) from users. You can connect with us via http://modernapps.uservoice.com or by email at modernapp-invoicing@hotmail.com Release 1.15 --------------- Following new features added - 1 .Support for currency IDR, Naira 2. Item code column is now included in customize print columns 3. Now enter hours at project level instead of against date and time 4. Archive invoices 5. Invoice status change limitation removed Release 1.14 -------------- App name changed. Release 1.13 -------------- Following new features added:- 1.Add up to 5 custom additional cost fields to invoice /quote 2.Add client tax information like VAT details or company registration details that appear on your invoice. Release 1.12 -------------- Following new features are added 1. PAID and PARTIAL PAID watermark on paid invoice. 2. Filter invoice by status on home page. Release 1.11 -------------- Following new features are added 1. Projects- Track client assignments, set hourly rate and start tracking time spent on job and create invoice (InApp purchase required). 2. Configure up to 8 custom fields for invoice instead of current limit of 5 3. Ability to delete payment entries of a invoice For complete release history visit http://invoicingapp.wordpress.com/release-history/

Invoicing, Billing + Time Tracking

InvoicingApp takes a new smart approach to invoicing. It's simple-to-use refreshing interface makes producing professional looking invoices a very pleasant experience. Easily customize & brand your invoices. Track pending, sent & overdue invoices. At a glance see which customers are overdue for payment. Record full and partial payments. You always have an (in-app purchase) option to create and track your time spent against projects and also convert them into an invoice at a click of a button. Configure invoice options like taxes, discounts, currency, invoice terms, customer notes and create professional invoices with just a few clicks. Export to PDF and email it to client, print to XPS document or take a physical print. See which invoices have been sent, paid or are due. Browse and search all of your invoices quickly and seamlessly. You can filter your invoices by dates, client or status. Need to know what you charged a client two years ago, want to find out what a client ordered last time they purchased something months ago? No problem, enter the clients name and pull up a list of all previous invoices. Get started within minutes by importing your client list from other windows 8 apps like People or add them manually. When it comes time to create a new invoice simply type your clients name and InvoicingApp will show you which clients match your criteria. Select a client from the list and everything will be setup for you. Use the Items list to enter your items with two categories - Product and Service, configure its unit, price and code once. Later When you want to create a new invoice simply select your items or if you don't find it click on Add + and add your new item with breaking your invoice creation flow. Experience a faster and better way to create professional looking invoices with InvoicingApp!


  • Create, manage invoice
  • Create manage estimates/quotes
  • Auto suggest of values to reduce typing!
  • Manage client profiles and contact list
  • Print invoice
  • Export as PDF
  • Track projects, jobs and time (In-App purchase)
  • Convert job time into invoice automatically
  • Support for branding & personalization - auto-increment invoice#, themes, currency
  • Payment history
  • Discount % at line item with Percent Calculator
  • Custom tax fields
  • Configure Currency
  • Upload custom logo to display in the invoice
  • SHARE Charm & Live Tiles
  • Custom categories for better classification of inventory items
  • Export invoices data to CSV
  • Separate billing and shipping address for client
  • PAID , PARTIAL PAID watermark on print invoice and PDF.
  • Add up to 5 custom additional cost fields to invoice /quote

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3 August 2015

There is no apparent way to start a timer when you start work on a project and stop it when you finish or take a break--which means the app doesn't do what it says it does and makes it useless to me. $2.49 down the drain.


16 November 2014

It has many bugs, specially when restoring data, auto increment inv#'s get messed up with draft invoices.


6 November 2014

Made the mistake of entering an item without item number screwed the app had to reinstall. How do I search all Invoices and Estimates by title. Better yet a universal search for keywords. Need to add automatic incremental backups Need ability to switch to use thunderbird or any other email software for emailing invoices from app. Setting to have estimates number automatically incrementally applied like how it does for invoice number format in settings.


20 June 2014

This is a great app. Would like the export to .pdf to keep logo's and printing correctly. Shrinks log... The auto numbering for invoices seems cumbersome.


13 May 2014

I want my money back you app sucks completely sucks


9 May 2014

I like this app. It's easy to use and does a good job. My computer got refreshed and all my apps got wiped clean. I lost all my information. Thankfully I made copies so I have the invoices, but they are within the app. Did I miss something? If so, please let me know so I can prevent this from happening again.


24 April 2014

My business provides the same service daily but at different locations with different prices based on the job. This program is more designed for a product business where each item entry has a finite price point. My 'item' is always the same but the prices are always different and this program has no way around that. Also, you can enter a description to better define your 'item' but it doesn't actually show up on the invoice so the description then becomes useless for my customer to help define the 'generic item' i.e. service they are purchasing. If you sell multiple products with specific prices per item this might work for you. But if you are in the service industry cleaning carpets or such where you will likely do the same thing but with different prices this won't work.


12 April 2014

Perfect for the Surface2. Extremely useful and full featured.


22 February 2014

Downloaded the trial version and within the hour I spent the $3 for the full version. Best invoice program I have used from the windows store.


6 February 2014

I cant even add an invoice. love the layout and the idea. but it doesn't work. at all. I go to create invoice type in my product and price and such then click the plus sign then it doesn't get added. I would love to have it fixed but if not I want a refund.

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