Island Car Racing - Free

Race against time… on a beautiful Island having cool racing track; experience unique real car racing physics on amazing 3D graphical environment. Discover an almost-real car fast action adventure in the virtual 3d classic racing game for Windows! Download it free right now and start the thrilling race!. Race anywhere and anytime and experience the feel of a real sports car control. Complete the lap in your best time to extend game while your enjoy the sunny day with beautiful hills on a real looking road track. How to Play: 1. If you are playing on windows 8 PC : - Use the arrows keys from keyboard to steer left or right, to accelerate the speed, to apply brakes or reverse 2. If you are playing on windows tablet then: i-Tilt your tablet to steer left or right ii-Touch anywhere on screen right half to accelerate the speed iii-Touch anywhere on screen left half to apple brakes or reverse


  • Cool 3D graphics and visual effects
  • Real Engine Sound and gas pumping effects
  • Simple, yet Engaging Game play
  • Responsive Controls
  • Race against Time and break your own Record
  • New Surprises in Upcoming Updates