Welcome to the world of Magna magazines. Magna Magazines inform, inspire and entertain…they break the biggest entertainment news and stories…introduce the latest fashion…and share a gossip…they give us the best fitness advice and where the best tourist spots are located…they share the best cooking recipes and show us the best way to bathe a newborn and how to invest for an early retirement. Readers turn to the pages of the Magna magazines for information and ideas. Magna magazines play the role of a style and opinion leader symbol in high purchasing power segments. A magazine is a mirror and often the aspiration to a lifestyle. A magazine is a community. For the best and latest news and trends in Bollywood, fashion, style, food, entertainment, décor and lifestyle , log on to magnamags…. STARDUST – The world’s largest selling/read & most popular Indian film fanzine from an industry that churns out the largest no of films each year. Monthly Magazine. STARDUST Hindi– Hindi version of stardust magazine. Monthly Magazine. SAVVY – A contemporary and thinking woman’s guide to stay on top. Success stories, beauty, personal style, relationships, career, men, sex & many more things. Monthly Magazine. SOCIETY – India’s premier people and lifestyle magazine with snob value, rich & famous, elite, luxurious living, high profile events & happenings, style tips, etc. Monthly Magazine. Society INTERIORS – India’s No 1 design magazine with features on celebrity homes, décor ideas, great architectural masterpieces and much more. StarWeek – A quick, breezy round-up on the people, events, happenings, controversies of Bollywood. Weekly Magazine. HEALTH & NUTRITION—Wellness, fitness and lifestyle guide. Mandate: Mandate is India’s leading men’s magazine which giving an update about the upcoming & latest automobiles. Top Shelf brings out the best in you by providing you with the latest fashion updates. Monthly Magazine. Citadel-A magazine that covers news, views, people, business, scoops, exposes, glory and glamour.


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