Jellyfish - Tentacle Debacle

*** All levels are free to play *** Jellyfish - Tentacle Debacle drags you into a world of dreamy underwater landscapes, colorful coral reefs and dirty harbor waters. Jelly the jellyfish is small, hungry and defenseless in the big wide ocean. And he lays many, many eggs, that have to be defended... Join him in his fight for survival and help him to protect his offspring against dangerous currents, pollution and fearsome predators. Enjoy a new kind of skill game with a very unique and fancy gameplay concept! Jellyfish - Tentacle Debacle is different, funny, creepy, difficult and challenging!


  • 60 free-to-play-levels
  • Hair raising arcade challenges trough realistic water physics and gravity.
  • Help Jelly to hunt plankton and protect him and his offspring against the monsters of the deep!
  • Upgrade Jelly with additional tentacles for awesome gameplay.
  • Loot many extras and collect as many points as possible.
  • Breed more and more jellyfishes to continue your journey to new waters.

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11 August 2015

It's good but I don't get it


28 February 2015

The graphics are great, the motion is very smooth. I have read reviews that this game isn't working for some. No problems here. I am running an Asus PT2001 with an i5 processor and 8gigs of ram. Will definitely keep an eye out for other apps by this developer.


20 February 2014



12 February 2014



1 January 2014

tuyet voi


10 April 2013

if this thing let people give 0-star ratings, that's what I'd do. It said that I could go to level 2, but I never got to level 2. AFTER 3 TRIES THAT I ALL PASSED I NEVER GOT TO LEVEL 2. It is a waste of time to install. Just un-installed it, actually. If you don't like to be told that this will happen but you end up doing what you just did again so that it will happen, but you just end up doing it forever, and you never got what you were told would happen, then this is so not the app for you.


24 November 2012

this doesn't let you do anything! it is so dumb I hate it!


3 November 2012

This game is made for tablets/touchscreens only. I cant even see a cursor so its worthless for desktops


31 October 2012

This game is great! However, on my ARM Surface tablet, it lags considerably. I play it on my desktop computer instead.


18 October 2012

I tried the game on a laptop and it doesn't work with a mouse, so can't provide much other details. Also didn't hear any sounds.

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