Jigsaw Puzzle Adventure

Download and play Jigsaw Puzzle Adventure on fullscreen. The game has 12 categories and 300 pictures. You can choose the size of the puzzle: 12 pieces, 48 pieces and 96 pieces. If you have a hard time solving the puzzle there is a solve button and it will help you solve it. Have fun!


  • 12 Categories
  • 300 Pictures
  • 12 pieces size
  • 48 pieces size
  • 96 pieces size
  • Solve button
  • Sort button

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12 July 2016

I don't like it as much as the other Jigsaw Puzzle game--it's hard to get the pieces to arrange with that wood looking tray in the background. It would be better without those lines/grooves.


8 July 2016

Sometimes the puzzle pieces don't move, they get stuck, I have to tap on them two or three times for them to move.


7 July 2016

really good relaxing game


2 July 2016

Good game, excellent pics, but difficult to move pieces. Wish I could get rid of ads.


28 May 2016

I don't mind ads with a free app but they're all over rhea puzzle surface. Uninstalling immediately.


26 May 2016

I wanted a simple puzzle game with no points, levels or competition to add to my collection of those kind. This gives me the chance to do a simple small puzzle with or without rotate. It is almost like a warm-up and it is fun.


13 May 2016

Lots of pictures but pieces "stick" to the board and are hard to move around. When they don't move you can time out. The puzzles are also small and not many play options.


21 April 2016