Jigsaw Puzzle - Beginner

Create jigsaw puzzles from your own jpeg images. This is a fully functional version of the 'Jigsaw Puzzle - Intermediate' version but with a considerably reduced puzzle piece count and zoom features removed. The user manual can be downloaded from our website.


  • Up to 300 pieces
  • Selection of multiple pieces
  • Selection of solid or tiled background images including the image of the picture being solved
  • Left, right, up and down movement of the puzzle area
  • 8 difficulty levels
  • Handles image dimensions up to the size of your screen

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24 August 2014

I cannot make any selections when the game starts. Neither mouse or touch screen will respond.


29 April 2014

worked fine for a while, then the load feature became inop. I like the fact that you can use your own pics ( or most any pics), that's what I was looking for. Just reinstalled to see if that would fix the load a saved puzzle issue but to no avail I don't believe that it did. Still good and enjoyable.


25 April 2014

Il fonctionne pas se jeu


15 April 2014

Nothing works on it


18 August 2013

From the min. I installed it, it didn't work. After the install was complete, I was presented with a menu that did not respond to touch or mouse clicks. There's no way to start the game.


13 March 2013

Does not work at all?


12 March 2013

Looks like a good App if you can get it to actually Load an image no buttons work with any mouse clicks


4 March 2013

Getting a jigsaw on the screen is a puzzle in itself when buttons on the screen are not activated from where their image is!