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    Now you can import your horses from Breeding game and compete in Jumping and Cross Country. More Horses in the game, Unicorns are in their paddock. New fantastic scene for Jumping competitions and never seen Castle set of obstacles.

Jumpy Horse Show Jumping

Especially for HORSE Lovers! Imagine you are course designer and you create the show jumping course of your dreams with stunning galloping horses! Let's do it! Make combinations and add different fences to make your course unique. There are 30 course plans in the game, 10 ready to play courses, real and fantastic sets of obstacles: vertical, oxer, triple bar, cross rail, wall, hogsback, filler, open water, liverpool and joker in each set. Play Competitions! Now you can share your course designs and invite friends to jump with their horses. 8 breeds: Appaloosa, Arabian, Hanoverian, Mustang, Shire, Thoroughbred, Zebra and Shetland Pony. Play with 40 horses with beautiful animations and realistic horse behavior. PLEASE NOTE! Some courses may be difficult or impossible for some breeds of horses to finish clean. Art Create amazing horses with unlimited colors and markings from the palette using brush with different size and opacity. Smart Camera You can change the camera view angle and altitude. For better gameplay you can adjust camera settings for different scenes. Amazing Pictures to share with friends. Find the best point of camera view to capture interesting moments. Auto control is preferred, because the horse jumps the obstacles and all you have to do is to enjoy shooting. How to adjust camera for better gameplay, design courses and more videos: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?list=PLUsOZDhTDZyW1QlH8XR0T0heaBMqqiVyz The game may not be compatible with touch input on some devices. Have an idea? Write us your suggestions at support@jumpyhorse.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JumpyHorse for many cool horse pictures. We love high rating comments!


  • Show Jumping
  • Cross Country
  • 40 customizable horses
  • 30 course plans in the game, 22 ready to play courses
  • Design your own courses
  • Share your course designs with your friends and make competitions

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15 January 2016

Beautiful graphics and fun game play... Keeps you entertained for longer than you think. Overall wonderful app😉


24 August 2015

I think this game looks relay fun


24 June 2015

is fun fun and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


25 May 2015

At first I wasn't impressed with this game until my kids started playing it. Now,they fight over whose turn it is to ride the horses. Kids can customize their horses and then ride them in "challenges". Highly recommended for kids ages 6-10.


27 April 2015

The graphics are quite impressive. The 3D horses have different realistic conformation and colorings corresponding to their respective breeds. The game play, though the motions of the horse can be somewhat clunky and not quite as smooth as they could be, is quite nice. Control of the horse's speed and direction could be tweaked a bit, as they are a little on the insensitive and clunky side. The camera is a little tricky to figure out, and if you don't figure it out before you start jumping, it can make things harder by cutting things off or showing things from unusual angles. Painting is a nice addition, but can be slow and not exactly easy to use. Also, re-coloring the whole horse gets rid of the realistic shaded look. I think it could use a little work, but seeing as it isn't the main focus of the game, it isn't a terrible drawback. Aside from those few little bumps, the game is quite nice. I found it entertaining and well-made.


17 March 2015

The trial was fun but it won't let me purchase it now. I like playing as the horses in the paddock. The customizing part needs a way to color the horse without coloring over the shading. It makes the horse look really fake. The markings already on the horses makes it difficult too. Definitely has potential, but not quite there yet.


21 February 2015

Love this game


24 January 2015

best horse game ever its so worth buying I play it like every day and yeah I love it


17 January 2015

I love this game and there is cool events!


13 October 2014

I love the game!!! It's perfect, but when I go to paint (art) it doesn't save my work!!!!! overall it's amazing graphics and everything else is amazing!!! Please update the painting section.

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