Karaoke Now Online

Karaoke Now Online is a karaoke player and content manager. The Karaoke Now Online service is an extension of the VideoKaraoke.CA service. Unlocking the videos offers them for playing through the app or downloading from the VideoKaraoke.CA website, login and visit My Songs. Over 20,000 songs to choose from and new releases every month. Enjoy high quality video karaoke from renowned karaoke manufacturers through this easy to use management tool. Karaoke Now Online allows you to manage playlists, review your account, play the songs right from within the App, and search by various criteria (Genres, Artists, Most Popular, New Releases, and Keywords). Karaoke Now Online is a download service and manager for the VideoKaraoke.CA download service. The Karaoke Now Online service is brought to you by TriceraSoft. All content is distributed by license from each manufacturer respectively and licensed for Permanent Karaoke Download and Public Performance with Home and Venue permission.


  • Video Karaoke
  • Manage Playlists
  • Over 20,000 karaoke videos
  • Download the videos from VideoKaraoke.CA
  • Videos play on most video players
  • Search by Genre
  • Search by Artist
  • Search Most Popular 100

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11 May 2016

this sucks I try to create a account and it says not able to create a account all I can say is wow just wow


8 October 2015



12 June 2015

this sucks you have to buy the music


24 May 2015

Me gusta cantar y bailar y ser modelo me gustaría ser famosa algún día


28 October 2014

What the heck is wrong with the vips wtf


22 October 2014

you need to fix this cuz I love singing and this is what will be perfect for me but how am I supposed to do that when the app keeps closing itself out fix this ASAP


3 July 2014

Well you should tell me up front I will have to Buy your Songs ! I'm going to uninstall your program. I mean There's not one free song I don't know if I like your program If I cant see how it works and Dishonesty is no way to start doing business. Good Day.


29 April 2014

it sucks 0


22 January 2014

Asks you to create an account and then pay for songs. Just the app will not do anything


5 December 2013

This app has so many good bands but for real u have halestorm slipknot seether five finger death punch but u could add bullet for my valentine WTH

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