You're Kazma and your goal is to defend your fallow citizens from the rain of hell fire onslaught. How to play: As Kazma you fly around collecting energy orbs as they fall from the sky above. Once you've collected 24 orbs, return back to the tower you started from. Once you have you're able to start building defense towers to defend your city, upgrade your towers and repair your shield. More orbs you collect, the longer your tail grows. As the game progresses and the enemies outnumber your tower's attack capacity you can use your tail to take out the enemy by flying in front of them to clear the level. As you clear the levels, the game progressively becomes more difficult until eventually you're unable to defend the city. The objective of the game is to protect the city for as long as possible.


  • Simple kid friendly art.
  • Endless
  • Touch and keyboard control
  • Increasingly difficult

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6 December 2013

Would be awesome if there was an indication of the tower strength when upgrading and the cost of come much the next upgrade will be. Would also be nice if there was a global leader board. Need to fix the tail the protrudes from behind the player, make it smoother. Other than that, awesome game!