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  • Category: Games / Family
  • Published by: Jimmi Bendtson ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86
  • Language: English (United States) and 83 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    Release 22: - New game category "Fill the Shape" added. Release 21: - New game added. Release 20: - Games updated - New graphics and images Release 19: - Spelling games added. Release 18: - Bug fixes. Release 17: - Translated into many more languages Release 16: - Translated into Japanese, Russian, Hindi and Chinese (simplified and traditional) Release 15: Complete the sequence game added. - Bug fixes. Release 14: Roman numerals game added. - Bug fixes. Release 13: - Bug fixes Release 12: - Bug fixes Release 11: - New games added - Translated into German and French - Bug fixes Release 10: - New logo - Bug fixes Release 9: - Bug fixes Release 8: - New languages added: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish - Bug fixes Release 7: - Look and feel updated. - Bug fixes Release 6: - 'Goes Together & Opposites games added - Improved Images, Sounds etc. - Improved animation and general look and feel. - Bug fixes Release 5: - Tell the Time game added - Bug fixes Release 4: - Bug fixes Release 3: - Bug fixes Release 2: - Minor bug fixes - Rate and review link added

Kids Play & Learn

Kids Play & Learn is a fun and colorful educational game for kids in the age 2 to 10. The game teaches your kid about colors, shapes, things that are related and opposites, counting, numbers, sounds, simple math, spelling and to tell the time through different types of puzzle mini games. In addition it teaches concentration through jigsaw puzzles of various difficulties. All in all Kids Play & Learn consists of 12 categories, 92 games and 1305 levels. The game is optimized for both touch and mouse input allowing it to be played by children of all ages including toddlers, preschoolers and school age. In addition the amount of games and the clever increase of difficulty make the game fun and long lasting. Kids Play & Learn is a versatile platform for simple puzzle games and new games are added regularly. Ideas for new game types will be appreciated, so do not hesitate to email suggestions. If you are able to provide the resources for the game like detailed game behavior, pictures, sounds, etc. the game can be added quickly. You will naturally be credited in the game.


  • 12 categories, 92 games and 1305 levels.
  • Endless entertainment and learning for kids.
  • Learn colors.
  • Learn shapes.
  • Learn to identify things that belongs together.
  • Learn to identify things that are opposites.
  • Learn counting and numbers.
  • Learn the sounds of animals, musical instruments, vehicles and everyday objects.
  • Learn simple math addition and subtraction.
  • Animals and cartoon jigsaw puzzles.
  • Learn to tell the time.
  • Learn to match two related images.
  • Learn roman numerals.
  • Learn to complete the sequence.
  • Learn simple spelling.

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13 June 2016

hey hope I am not harting anyone by saying this game is not fun. Can't people learn to make it fun for kids 1-10.


14 May 2016

we like that there are different levels and a variety of learning games


21 April 2016

This is a pretty good program. There is applause after they complete the task, and afterward stars are filled in and the slowness of that annoys the kids. I would speed that part up.


5 April 2016

The games are educational and my very young son is interested and would probably be using this app within a few months as a fun learning tool but the four large ads after every round basically guarantees that he will touch at least one of them. I'm willing to pay for the development efforts but as it is will not be allowing my children to use this will most likely end up uninstalling. Do you have any plans for a paid version? I understand the need to generate revenue but give your users an option to buy the software without the ads. It is a shame because this seems to be very intuitive app and is beautifully designed.


29 February 2016

Good learning game 3year old learning lots


23 February 2016

Really appreciate all you support for the children in educational app


5 February 2016

my 3.5 year old loves this game


2 February 2016

Love the puzzles!!


26 January 2016

my son loves this game.. he plays It all the time. he learns from it as well.


24 January 2016

I really liked this game for a while, the games themselves are helpful and educational, but the required popup ads on the edges feature games and subjects that are NOT AGE APPROPRIATE for this type of game. I'm going to uninstall this until you consider your audience.

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