Kleio is the definitive flashcard app for the mobile world. It syncs all your devices and works offline, features a powerful studying system that adapts to your progress, and lets you exchange flashcards easily. With Kleio's sync system, you can create rich formatted flashcards with a comfortable full-size keyboard on your PC, and then study on your mobile in line at the supermarket. You can make flashcards no matter where you are without installing anything, by using Kleio's website to work on your library. You can add flashcards to your library from text on any website, such as online lecture notes, using Kleio's bookmarklet. Google Translate is integrated right into flashcard creation. In short, Kleio strives to let you create flashcards wherever and whenever inspiration strikes, with as little friction as possible. Kleio provides easy access to a wealth of flashcards through integration with Kleio's own sharing community, and seamless integration with StudyStack, one of the oldest and most complete sources of flashcards on the internet. Kleio has two learning systems. One is a powerful spaced repetition system that tracks the difficulty of each flashcard as you learn. Harder flashcards are shown more often, so you spend your time where it matters. Easier flashcards show up just often enough so you don't forget them. There is also a simpler cram mode designed for high pressure learning, or for flashcards that you don't need to memorize for the long term. Finally, you can find Kleio's flashcard exchange community on the website. Kleio lets you share your flashcards with your friends and classmates, or the whole world.


  • Make flashcards on any device, or in your browser
  • Intelligent studying system adapts to your learning speed
  • Sync seamlessly, work offline
  • Exchange flashcards with others
  • Google Translate is integrated into card creation
  • Make flashcards from text on any website with the bookmarklet
  • Flashcards are fully formattable
  • Find flashcards with the search charm
  • Search StudyStack with the search charm
  • Live tile updated with your schedule
  • Share your flashcards with others with the share charm
  • Configurable flashcard zoom level
  • Use it on your mobile phone, tablet, PC, and more

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24 April 2015

It works great except for one very important feature, you can't add questions from the app, if you try, Kleio will close. However it is very easy to add from the website, and other than this one bad hitch, Kleio is great and is definitely worth getting.


2 February 2015

This app is very close to be fantastic but I have constantly had problems syncing it to the website when I create a new deck of flash cards. I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it but now it keeps crashing.


11 February 2014

The app will close before it starts. (Win 8 & 8.1)


15 January 2014

I absolutely love the usefulness of this app! Life-saver with tests! It is making my Undergraduate years less painful.


25 December 2013

I like how this app synchs across devices, and the ease of making cards and decks. I like how I can keep decks private. However, it's missing some functionalities I would expect. Most importantly, it doesn't seem to offer off-line access to the flashcards. Also, if I can download the cards, it's hard to figure out how to do so. There's only one way to organize the cards within a deck: basic alphabetization. There's no search function within the text of the cards, and no way of specifying alternate ordering for the cards as they're created when viewing the deck from that perspective.


12 December 2013

I love this app but it keeps freezing every 5seconds and o can't study


7 December 2013

Ive been typing my note cards on my pc. The app has failed to sync to my tablet. Waste of my study time.


5 December 2013

I love the sync between my Windows Phone and this app. I hate how poorly developed this app is and that it receives no updates. The Windows Phone app receives no updates either, but at least it doesn't crash like this app. I have paid for the Windows Phone app as it deserves to be supported, but I refuse to support this app until the developer supports it too.


8 October 2013

Excellent study aid, wouldn't be doing as well in classes without it. Still a fairly new app with room for improvement, but definitely worth using.


25 September 2013

The motive behind the app is beautiful but they haven't executed correctly the app crashes sometimes when you want to add new cards, I down grade rating of this app to two star if they come up with an update I will buy the app, even though I bought it on my phone. Update I bought the app still the same crap and so disgracefully they ask for optional donation for an app that doesn't work.

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