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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    3.2.1 * Bug fix 3.2.0 * Journal: Your personal study guide instantly created from your highlights, notes, and bookmarks. * PDF Reader: Import your PDFs from the web, email or Dropbox, all-in-one place. * New ability to open several books at the same time * Improved page scrubber helps you keep your place when you leave a page * Improved search results make it even easier to explore results * Performance improvements and bug fixes 3.1.0 * Added support for WinRT devices * Enhanced with the an improved Windows 8 experience * Performance improvements and bug fixes

Kno Textbooks

Kno, Inc. is an education software company on a mission to make learning more engaging, personal, and social for students. Find your books from our library of over 200,000 interactive titles for all grade levels from kindergarten through college. Kno is your entire backpack in one app.


  • Enhanced Content: Watch videos, interact with 3D models and simulations, or access web links to see your books come to life.
  • Advanced Search: Your textbooks with a search engine. Find the answer faster by searching through all your Kno content.
  • Journal: Your personal study guide instantly created from your highlights, notes, and bookmarks.
  • Kno Me: One stop, personal study dashboard that enables you to track your learning engagement, a leading indicator of learning success.
  • PDF Reader: Import your PDFs from the web, email or Dropbox, all-in-one place.
  • Social Sharing: Save time by exchanging your notes and highlights with classmates with the click of a button.

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25 June 2015

Doesn't work. Can't sign in.


1 June 2015

I can't even login. Terrible


14 May 2015

Bought a book, and before I could even log in it says my date and time is wrong. Look and it is correctly set. So I hit continue and it hangs when trying to log in. The app is garbage


9 April 2015

poor quality, layout and speed


15 November 2014

Won't download because my internet connection is too slow...except it's not. Even tried plugging it directly into the back of the modem/router, and it still won't install. Everything else works just fine, just not this app... Emailed support; reference # 141115-000005.


22 October 2014

App would not let me log in!!!


17 October 2014

Loads quickly, good search and browse utility, great customer service. (Return policy is a little wacky, but we worked through it. It was my mistake initially we had to fix, but David at customer support was very friendly and worked it out for me). Have to say I like the reader more than Amazon's, especially the Windows App version.


16 October 2014

Need to zoom in windows tablet


7 October 2014

Many much needed functions lacking! Why can't you take notes with the pen!!??? An important function. Wish there were more options for customization of size while reading, color, and background. More importantly, when I import a document, there is no option to remove it!!! Holy cow that is annoying. I 'kno' this app could be better!!!


6 September 2014

Thanks for bringing this app to the Windows environment. But seriously? This has been on the store for more that a year and it's still in this sorry state? A lot of missing functionality that was on the iPad. The Surface and Surface Pro are much more powerful than the iPad with a lot more screen space to work with. At the very least please fix the portrait mode and the book organization.

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