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Official Los Angeles Times Windows 8 app. - See what you want, when you want. When you open up the LA Times for Windows 8 app, content is made available to you by section. But what if you're not interested in Sports or World News? What if you want Business News shown first? Simply pin your favorite section to the start screen. - Take us wherever you go, no connection required. Many apps fail when a network isn’t available. The LA Times for Window 8 app was designed for people who sometimes go where the signal can’t. While you won’t get the latest news when a connection isn’t available, you will have the most recently downloaded information in the app and all your saved items right there with you. - Great photography ahead. One of the greatest things about the LA Times is our award-winning photo journalism. This app highlights that work in our custom-built Galleries area. You’ll be able to browse photos by section and peek into dozens of collections before launching a slideshow.


  • See what you want, when you want.
  • Take us wherever you go, no connection required.
  • Great photography ahead.

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27 September 2015

Crashes consistently on Windows 10.


30 January 2013

Contacted their support only to be asked if I had a good wifi connection, then was informed they stopped content updates. Why didn't they pull the app from the store.


24 January 2013

Title says it all. When it did work, hard to get the real news, mostly a lot of nothing. Just found out it is no longer available from Windows Store. Guess they want to charge for its use...


13 January 2013

as someone mentioned, make an effort on taking advantage of metro UI. this isn't iPAD.


2 January 2013

Ok, you're off to a good start but why can't a user change the font size????


26 November 2012

It does not display the latest news it is usually is 3-4 days behind even if you try to refresh it, basically useless for news reading hope they fix this.


22 November 2012

Hey guys, love your news....but a few more features, please. Font sizes have already been mentioned. And some of us would clip your wine suggestions into OneNote to use them for a shopping list....but oops, no way to do that your app.


21 November 2012

The font is too small and is marginally readable. I prefer sans serif fonts, but the one used in this app is just sad. The fact that the titles of the articles can't be totally displayed on this large a Surface is just bad design. We want to read - not look at 90% picture and half a sentence. If we want video we'll go to YouTube. Come on, LA Times. Give us an app for actually reading the paper!


14 November 2012

Without a way to adjust font size, this app is worthless.


4 November 2012

There HAS to be text size adjustment!!! We're not all using the same resolution screens. I'm only at 1600 x 900, imagine the poor sap with a 1080p screen...

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