Large Folder Searcher

Sometimes you do not know how your hard disk got full. Finding for each folder and subfolder is a difficult or time consuming task. How to find out what files and folders are taking up hard drive spaces? A powerful software with a simple interface will help in a few clicks to find the folder, which occupy most of all places. The program will scan your selected drive or directories and visualize graphically the size of folders. Double-clicking on the biggest folder you see the size of its subfolders. Instead of having to pay for a new hard disk greater capacity you can easily find and remove unnecessary and temporary files.


  • Visualize disk usage
  • Detailed analyses, down to all directory levels
  • Opportunity remove unnecessary and temporary files
  • Detail report page
  • Support Unicode and long folder names

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24 November 2013

I had this scan my hard drive then my tablet starting freezing up and I had to reboot just for the tablet to work again, don't buy this app if this concerns you.