Lascaine is a cloud based application that gives you hand picked deals and discount coupon, we make sure that the discount coupon and deals are valid and removed as soon as they are expired. We will be giving some exclusive deals to the students and if you are not a student just select other from the list and mention your company name or if your college/university is not listed just choose other and we will take care of the rest. We ensure that this app can save your lot of bucks and will give you some free samples of the product. Just pin this app in your main screen and turn live tile notification to get the best out of this app. Allow us to track your location and we will give you localised deals specially for you. We offer discount coupons in various categories like : ->travels -> food n drink -> Fashion -> Personal Care -> Sports and Fitness ->Personal Care ->Miscelleanous ->Electronics and the best hand picked deals in -> Hot Deals of the day


  • exclusive deals
  • Discount coupons
  • various categories

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8 May 2013

...That this app is exclusively for people in India. When you read the app description, there is no mention of this, but once you sign up, you realize that the only deals available are localized to India.