The LEADTOOLS OCR application can perform Optical Character Recognition on images, extract text from scanned documents, convert images to PDF. This application is built using the LEADTOOLS OCR Advantage SDK. This is one of the sample applications that is shipped with LEADTOOLS, the award-winning SDK for programmers. The LEADTOOLS sample apps are intended to show developers some of the capabilities they can integrate into their own applications. For more information visit: http://www.leadtools.com/sdk/advantage-ocr.htm


  • OCR scanned documents
  • Convert images to text
  • Export recognition results as PDF
  • Supports single and multipage files
  • Recognize single page, all pages, or user defined zones

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14 March 2015

REVSED...OK, think I got it figured out. And now I like it. I have no idea what this is doing. I ask it to recognize, it starts then stops. If I can get it to work, then what? Can't edit in the right hand box. can't save as editable, I have no idea how to use this.


26 August 2014

Can't seem to pin this to the taskbar but runs fine from start. Grrrrr.


29 July 2014

I am unable to delete this program since it is not listed in Uninstall. Also when I double click a list on my USB I get this program and am unable to open my listing on USB to edit. I am either missing something or something is not right with the program.


22 April 2014

95%-99% recognition. With auto correct from MS Word, it is very easy to convert a perfect copy of the original


1 February 2014

I really needed a program that would allow me to highlight and control find a PDF with a scanned doc. This works great and fast!


28 January 2014

Works good on acer iconia w510 tablet, dodnt start the first time, its ok now.


5 September 2013

More errors than it actually got correct. This is the most inaccurate OCR programs I have used in several years.


23 August 2013

Runs fast on a atom processor. Although a better way to cut and paste, export or share would be helpful. Only made one mistake on 100 or so words. Also take pretty high resolution photos. 5 mp photos worked fine.


13 April 2013

Even though this is just a "demo" application for their SDK, it has come in very handy for OCRing PDFs. It tends to do better than Word 2013's PDF reflow or OneNote's "text from image" feature. They also fixed a bug I reported that was blocking OCR of some PDFs within a few weeks.


13 March 2013

I tried to convert a Income statement so I could have access the data but it didn't work. Subsequently my other files dont work to be converted either.

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