Legends of Descent

Legends of Descent is a dungeon crawler style action RPG game where you play the part of a dwarf who’s city has been destroyed by some unknown enemy. You must fight your way through endless dungeons, slaying monsters, reaping loot, and equipping yourself with the very best weapons and armor. Avenge your city and bring honor back to your people. With nearly an unlimited number of items to find, a variety of different challenging monsters to fight, 3 classes to master and visually engaging spells and abilities, Legends of Descent will keep you coming back for more. This game receives regular updates with new content to play. Visit our forums to suggest ideas on what you would like to see in the game next!


  • Explore an endless procedurally generated dungeon
  • Embark on quests to save your people
  • Collect epic loot consisting of a nearly limitless number of items
  • Unlock new abilities as you level up your character
  • Play as 3 unique classes with their own abilities
  • Fight against a large array of unique monsters
  • Enjoy regular updates as the game is still under development

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9 February 2016

great game . takes me back to the old Zelda days . we need more of these type of free games


11 January 2016

it's free.....moving and fighting are very awkward.


21 August 2015

love the simplicity


5 August 2015

Fun game


31 July 2015

I have been playing this game and find it enjoyable. It's a hack and slash game but fun. like the maps and the action. I'm currently on my second quest and finding it interesting. would like to have a better map of the various shops, but seem to be finding my way around.


14 July 2015



2 July 2015

very good fun


23 June 2015

I just started playing. Don't listen to all the other reviews. It's a good game. Basic dungeon crawler rpg. Good graphics, easy to control. The only problem I have is you can't drop items. Once they are in your inventory you have them until you sell them or put them in your stash. I still give it five stars. It's free 100%, easy to use, and interesting. What more can you ask for?


18 June 2015

Loading time seem to be the only problem I've encountered.


31 May 2015

Graphics fixed some but only 4 still cuz cannot sign into game to save it when transferred to another CPU

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