LightTrac is a must have tool for all outdoor photographers. Quickly determine at what time and location the light conditions are perfect to shoot your subjects outdoors. The elevation and angle of Sun changes throughout the year depending on the location, date as well as the time of day. LightTrac calculates both the elevation and angle of Sun and Moon for any date & time, for any place on earth and plots it on top of a satellite map. Armed with this information and with an extremely easy to use interface, you can now plan your photo shoot even several months ahead of time and position yourself at the right spot at the right time for that perfect shot. Whether you are a nature or landscape photographer, a real-estate or architecture photographer, a wedding or sports photographer you will simply love what LightTrac has to offer. LightTrac is an invaluable not just useful to photographers, but also to architects, real-estate buyers, solar panel owners/installers, gardeners, travelers or for any outdoor person interested in knowing any info about the Sun or the Moon.


  • Scout for new locations and the perfect time with LightTrac
  • View Sunrise & Sunset info
  • View Moonrise and Moonset info
  • View Twilight start and end times
  • Find exact angle and elevation of Sun or Moon
  • View elevation chart for Sun or Moon
  • View ratio of shadow length to its subject
  • Integrated compass on supported devices
  • Search, Save & Switch between multiple locations
  • Correct timezone and DST handling
  • Live tile shows sunrise & sunset info

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6 October 2015

This app is great for me as a photographer. It is very helpful to see where the sun will be at any time of day. I use it almost daily.


27 September 2015

Perfect for special lunar photography


1 September 2015

Very short learning curve, highly recommend.


26 July 2015

Lets you know when you would be flying into the sun or when the sun would interfere with your FPV monitor on the ground! You can plan your shot for best video/photo and best operator position. - Since I'm on the coast, tide predictions would be useful to me as well


5 July 2015



25 October 2014

I went through the complex MS process of setting up an ap store account and downloading it. Now I can't find the program on my computer. It did not make a desktop icon and it is not in my listing of programs. If I try to uninstall it, it is not listed. If I try to download a trial again, I am not allowed to do so because MS thinks I already have it. So I have wasted several hours and have nothing to show for it and no way of trying the program.


7 January 2014

I love this app. It's been critical in planning shoots and I've missed it ever since I decided to get a real tablet instead of an iOS toy and bought a Surface Pro 2. This app provides all the info you could ever need when scouting locations for a shoot!