Likability Scanner

Likability Scanner is like having your own personal popularity contest. This high tech detector app has a fingerprint scanner that scans your thumb print and tells you how likable you are. Never wonder if you are one of the popular kids again. Likability Scanner is fun and free and is one of the best fingerprint scan apps on the market today. And it's cheaper than a psychologist! Likability Scanner is for entertainment purposes only, and does not actually scan your finger print for real. That would be impossible. It's still a great gag for parties or for impressing the ladies! I am always looking to improve my apps, so please leave comments with suggestions on things I can add to make it better! I update often based on feedback!


  • A fun fingerprint scanner that tells you if people like you!
  • Use it to play jokes on your friends or family!

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21 April 2016

It said I'm not likeable at first then it just strait up called me a loser! AND I HAVE 20 FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!


8 October 2015

This thing is STUPID whomever made it should get a life.


9 August 2015

This app does not tell the truth. It's a prank app don't waste your time.


23 June 2015



8 January 2015

im not a loser!!!


2 January 2014

I never really understood it, is the lower the number is the better or the other way around?