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    V2.5.0.5 - Version sync with Windows Phone version - Brand NEW UI - NEW Game Modes - Stage and Time - Combined Global Leaderboard upcoming V. - First of several new feature releases to come - Currently for Win8.1 only, updated with Live Tiles and Toast - Game Changes: . Adjusted Survival Mode random drop probabilities . Remove empty random drops Hope you find the changes as enjoyable as we do! Your feedbacks are essential to our continuous improvement. Please visit www.facebook.com/linxgame and tell us where we can improve more.


LINX is the New Tetris, endless fun with blocks! Not just any block, but the enigmatic L-Block... Two L-Blocks forms a Quad and starts a cycle of Clear, Score and Evolve that eats away at your hours. Learn to form Quad with 3, 4 or more L-blocks and see LINX blocks seamlessly evolve into different colors levels, creating a "One More Block" experience that is highly addictive! Deceptively easy to play and a Challenge to master! Visuals can be deceiving, Playing is believing Experience the Quadratic magic of LINX today! View our privacy policy http://www.facebook.com/linxgame/info NOTE: Internet connection is only required for posting your high score to our leaderboards.


  • Endless streams of colour levels with more than 200 unique colors
  • Track the progress of other players on Marathon mode with their scores updated as they play!
  • Compete against the World on the Daily and Weekly Survivor Leaderboard
  • Play any where, any time with our "Auto-Save-on-every-move" feature without losing your game when friends or duties calls!
  • Limitless replayability with soothing background music

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14 July 2014

I understand wanting to add 3d effects, and I assume you had a developer join the team who knows Unity, but honestly, the old interface was much more aesthetically pleasing, especially on my 23-inch HD display. If you're going to develop for a certain platform, you should follow that platform's look-and-feel guidelines. The game used to have a retro-yet-modern feel; now it feels like I'm looking at a freshman's first attempt at a GUI.


1 April 2014

interesting block game idea. got addicted for the last 20mins. let's see how long this will go on =)


31 March 2014



23 March 2014

The game itself is a fantastic brain teaser. Very addictive. But the app crashes on me. Usually when checking high score, and occasionally during gameplay. I don't think it's an issue on my end. So I have to knock off a star.


11 March 2014



20 October 2013

Some colors are just confusing.


27 January 2013



8 January 2013

This game is really fun, but it's just too slow at times. Enough to make me delete the game out of frustration. Three stars.


30 December 2012

Fun and challenging


24 December 2012

I managed to quickly get over a trillion without understanding how everything worked... just make sure one color is gone before moving on to the next. Thus, the game quickly gets repetitive. 😡

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