LitePlanner helps you organise your tasks with an intuitive user interface that lets you focus on what is most important for today, while keeping track of the rest. LitePlanner supports tasks for Home and Work (configurable) and simple priorities. Your Inbox holds tasks until you are ready to allocate them to a day. On your first day with LitePlanner you will enter the tasks which are most important now, and then, over the coming days and weeks, enter other tasks as they come up, and... LitePlanner will help you take control of your life!


  • Manage your tasks with just a few minutes per day
  • Focus on today's tasks, and check them off as they are done
  • Defer a task for a day, week, or any set time
  • Manage all your tasks in one page, moving them with the mouse as you decide when to do them
  • Manage Home ("personal") and Work tasks
  • Simple Priorities ("Urgent", "Do Some Time", etc)
  • You can create Projects, which are ongoing
  • Works well in Win10 full-screen ("tablet") mode