Live Tile Sport

Get live news from your chosen sport in your Windows 8 UI! Note this App covers a selection of popular British sports (so no Hockey, Baseball or American Football!)


  • Multiple Sports Categories with associated Live Tiles
  • Choice of Live tile Layout and Content
  • Ability to remove Advertising / Purchase a full licence.
  • Control over text ayout and font sizes

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22 December 2012

This app works fine... yes...there are some limitations. The home page can be better also... hope to see updates coming!


28 November 2012

Heads up - this is a great App for UK sports fans (HINT: It sources it's sports data from the BBC)


22 August 2012

It's a decent tile. The pages are actually just websites with all the advertisements included. I was assuming the tile would be like the news tiles which are not web pages with adverts. And to not have American Football and Baseball is a mistake. There is definite room for improvement.


17 August 2012

Uninstalled after a quick glance. The sports it covers are cricket, rugby, soccer ("football"), tennis, golf, "motorsports" and boxing. Where are basketball, baseball, and (American) football? You know - sports that people care about?


14 August 2012

I use the live tile to get the latest golfing news.