Lola's ABC Party

Join the Party! Lola Panda™ invites you and all of her friends to party! Lola’s ABC Party is another engaging educational game from the Lola Panda™ game series. It begins with simple word recognition, and graduates to more challenging tasks when the child is ready. Great and fun reading practice for preschoolers! Want to learn another language? Get started by switching game language, and play in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish... If your device has an Intel® Graphics Card, please check that you have the latest Graphics Drivers, and that Scaling is set to scale to full screen and to "Maintain Aspect Ratio". **************** WHAT DO THE PROFESSIONALS SAY ABOUT THE GAME? ◦ - "I especially loved the matching letter to its sound, or, what us speech folk call "phonemic awareness".” ◦ My UnEntitled Life - "Lola’s ABC Party app is a great game for the preschool and kindergarten or 1st grade set - Your child will have a great time learning while playing." ◦ Kids in the Capital - "Before I even got to show her the app she found it for herself and Daddy reported that she was giggling away." ◦ The Mom Buzz - "So my 5 year old and I agree that Lola’s ABC Party is a great bet for keeping your kids learning." **************** Learning the alphabet is fun on Lola’s ABC Party! This educational game teaches the alphabet to children while they are celebrating! Throwing a party is something that every kid enjoys, and Lola Panda™ offers kids lots of tasks to choose from. Children can decorate the party venue with balloons, or make their own ice cream creations. They also get to decorate the cake, and in the end, party with Lola and her friends! This game encourages the learning progress by rewarding children with fun surprises when they achieve success, which engages them in the learning process. The fun they’re having motivates them to continue, and to learn even more! Try also our other Lola Panda™ games: ◦ I Spy with Lola (Editors Choice Award 2013) ◦ Lola’s Math Train ◦ Lola’s Beach Puzzle Find Lola Panda™ on Facebook, Twitter and


  • Educational game: Teaching the alphabet and word building to children ages 3-6
  • Meaningful learning: Upper and lower case letters, word recognition and construction
  • Customized to the child’s learning pace
  • Voice Over feature: Spoken and easy to understand instructions
  • Child friendly user experience: No in-app purchases or third party advertising

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15 January 2014

Dell venue pro.. only part of screen is visible in landscape. Can't see entire screen so can't use program. To bad.. looks like a great application.