Long Legs Balance

Have you ever seen a fashion show? Then, undoubtedly, you enjoyed the sight of a beautiful, tall young girl gracefully... FALL DOWN! But jokes aside, walking on the catwalk wearing glamorous stilettos actually is a tricky task. And our new hilarious application is here to let you be literally in a model's shoes. Play Long Legs Balance and survive the most unforgettable fashion nightmare on high heels! All eyes are on you - so head high, chin up, smile, GO! HOW TO PLAY: Pick a model. Choose the most fashionable clothes from your wardrobe and most gorgeous pumps. Help the girl keep the balance and don't let her fall down from the stage. Get evaluation after each walk and earn crystals! Try out Long Legs Balance, get into a model's shoes and laugh no more at poor young girls as they begin their fashion careers. You don't want people to laugh at you as you are doing splits on the runway, do you? So, keep your BALANCE!


  • Perfect application for all fans of funny games with unique gameplay
  • Perfect chance to become a virtual fashion model
  • Hilarious comments after each walk

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7 April 2015

Cool game!