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    NEW! Add tasks to top or bottom of list NEW! Multi day tasks, add and track the effort to get the task done NEW! All new backend to make the app work even faster NEW! Global search across entire company NEW! Company Activity Feed NEW! Duplicate tasks NEW! Updated calendar NEW! Subscribe to iCal feed of your tasks My tasks calendar and activity dashboards Undo support Archive Projects Dashboard of all the people in your company Attach OneDrive files to your projects and tasks Calendar overview of all your projects Take a photo and attach it to a task. Attach files and photos to a project

Manage It - Project Manager

Manage It allows your team to work on the same projects so there’s never a question of “Do you have this task on your list?” or “Did you finish the task yet?” Updates are synchronized to your team’s phones, tablets, and computers in real time. Give Manage It a try! It’s free to use up to two projects and unlimited users. Manage It can help you with: - Real-time Collaboration - See the same tasks that the rest of your team sees. Everyone in your team can see tasks get updated and checked off in real time. - Customization - Create task lists that make sense to you. It’s easy to create tasks and subtasks (and more subtasks under that). You can rearrange the order by simply dragging and dropping. - Private and Shared projects - You decide who can see which projects or keep projects completely private. - Portability - Access your projects wherever and whenever you want: tablet, phone, or computer. - Calendar View - Set due dates for your tasks and view them in a calendar format. - Attachments - Keep your information together by adding file attachments, images, links, and cloud files to your tasks and projects. Attach Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive files, or upload your own files and photos. - People View - See an overview of what everyone is working on. - Reminders - Receive daily emails formatted with what's on the agenda for the day. - Search - Can’t find a task? Use the easy Search feature that will quickly find your tasks and attachments. - Chat - You can have a chat session over each task and keep the recorded conversation linked to the task for future reference. No need to dig into email threads. And much more! Manage It is free up to 2 projects. Customer feedback: “I love Manage It. There is no longer a question of what everyone in my company is working on. I can see everyone’s progress and I get an email when they finish a task I assigned them. ”


  • Organize your team
  • Work anywhere
  • task management
  • project management
  • real-time
  • calendar
  • OneDrive integration
  • Evernote integration
  • Dropbox integration
  • Box integration
  • Google Drive integration

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31 March 2015

Really easy to use, very intuitive, however, Once I add one task by typing the new task name and hitting enter, I can't add anymore tasks the same way. To do so, I have to click the "+" button on the right side of the top menu bar, so please fix that.


13 January 2015

I started with the free (one project) version and have upgrade to a pro version because I found this app to be extremely useful. A key selling point for me is the fact that there's a laptop/desktop app. I edit on the go often and don't want to always to do it from my iPhone and there isn't always an Internet connection available. So the offline app on my laptop is a lifesaver then everything sycs once I'm online again. Other apps may be more robust, but this app has all the necessary feature plus the interface is clean and simple but powerful enough to manage my projects and collaborate with others (no extra charge for collaboration features). Their email support is very timely and helpful too. I'm thrilled using this app and I highly recommend it.


4 December 2014

This app does exactly what I need. It's stable and simple. It's nice to have a web app version too.


22 October 2014

This app could have been great but the fact that there is no Onedrive support for attachments is a deal breaker for me. Please include this in the next update.