Margins is an elegant scripture reading application which includes the ability for you to record notes associated with each chapter in the LDS Standard Works and other installed titles and to create custom presentations including links to any installed content. Margins supports side-by-side viewing of content allowing you to access two locations at the same time (especially helpful for viewing a manual or custom presentation and it's scriptural references together). Margins also includes powerful searching of the entire text of the scriptures and other installed titles, as well as simultaneous indexing of study helps, easy to set bookmarks, a history of the 50 most recently viewed items, and scripture highlighting (as well as an index of marked verses). These features (and the availability of select curriculum) make Margins a powerful tool for preparing and presenting talks and lessons. With no data connection required, you can use Margins to access your scriptures and manuals anywhere. Also, thanks to data roaming, you can prepare presentations in Margins on your desktop (using your keyboard) and the presentation will automatically transfer to your other Windows 8/10 devices (like your tablet) for presenting. No setup is required, just install Margins on both devices using the same Microsoft ID (no additional charge for 2nd device). Available content includes the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, study helps (Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, Triple Combination Index and Guide to the Scriptures), Come Follow Me courses, Our Heritage, Gospel Principles, Hymns, Handbook 2: Administering the Church (2010), Gospel Doctrine manuals (student and teacher), JST (Bible appendix), Aaronic Priesthood Manual 3, Presidents of the Church Sunday School manuals (Joseph Fielding Smith, Lorenzo Snow, George Albert Smith) and General Conference addresses. All installed content is fully searchable


  • Offline access to content
  • Custom Presentations
  • Side-by-side content viewing
  • Categorized verse marking
  • Notes
  • Search
  • Choose light or dark background
  • Auto-advance bookmarks
  • History of previously viewed items
  • Support for "Come Follow Me" (2015)
  • Adjustable font size
  • Full-Screen Reading Mode
  • Page numbers in select titles

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6 June 2015

Very useful, esp. the way the references are visible along the side of the presentation view. Several conveniences made this very nice to use. A couple of additional features and it will be a five star, indispensable app.


26 May 2015

This Software is great buts the is As place to get help or tutorial.


9 March 2015

This doesn't even have the current books for the current year i.e. teaching of Ezra Traft Benson. Can't even get a refund for this worthless application. No library updates Sorry I wasted my money.


26 February 2015

Could be greater if I could search my margin notes.


18 September 2014

cut and paste function does not work correctly. either enable accurate cut/paste OR have the highlighted sections go into a file that can be copied from.


14 August 2014

I love this app and it was well worth the money. Currently using it on a Surface Pro 3. My biggest hope is that there will be a way to either export or save your talks/presentations in a file outside of the program, even if it is an rtf format so I can back it up and have it if the app goes away or my computer does not work the moment I am giving the lesson/talk. Even maybe being able to print it to a PDF file? Second, it would be nice to be able to add my own ebooks


31 July 2014

The server it connects to in order to get books is unreachable for several days. Installed and can't use. update: this was fixed w/ the latest version of the app.


28 July 2014

Trial version gives "Error contracting server. Please try again later." Does not load any content on my Surface Pro 2. Would give a rating of 0 if I could.


20 July 2014

I'm sure this app would useful if it would connect to the net instead of giving me an error message... this app sucks not worth the money


17 July 2014

I cannot get this app to work on my new Surface Pro 3. There is no content in the various sections of the menu. It tells me it cannot contact the server, and to try again later. I don't know whether it is a problem of interfacing with the system, or if it downloaded incorrectly. I am disappointed to say the least.

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