MarineTraffic ship positions

Marine Traffic displays real-time positions of ships worldwide. It has the largest network of stations around the globe and it covers a huge number of important shipping routes.


  • Get the official Windows Store app of with increased functionality. Browse the map with real-time ship positions based on the Automatic Identification System (AIS), search for vessel
  • Watch the positions reported by more than 80,000 vessels per day on an interactive map. The application provides worldwide coverage of more than 3,000 ports and a significant number of open-sea areas.
  • Port arrivals and departures are recorded in real-time. Search for current conditions in ports, vessel details, historical data and estimated time of arrivals.
  • Search for vessels and ports near your location!
  • Browse the Photo gallery with nearly 1,000,000 pictures of vessels, ports and lighthouses.

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21 May 2016

My only comment is that the app doesn't appear to update very often although it might just be operator error...


6 April 2016

i love this app and it is easy to use


5 March 2016



21 February 2016

Very good APP. Great view of ship going traffic. How are the ship's info/status being received by this APP. I am interested since I own a pleasure boat. The positiong status software is an interest to me.


17 February 2016

I use this app for work almost every day on Windows phone and Surface tablet actually works better on the devices then on desktop computer web browser.


7 October 2015

Very informative and up to date.


29 September 2015

Great app. Fun seeing and tracking ships.


18 September 2015

this is so cool


30 July 2015

I use this everyday and it works for me. I am in the marine business and I use it for work and a little bit of pleasure too! Would recommend this app.


24 July 2015

Works really well to track AIS enabled boats. Alot less quirky than going to the online page.

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