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The Official Mars Hill Church Windows Store Application. With the Mars Hill Application you'll always be only a tap away from the Mars Hill Church media library and blog. You can view sermons by series and featured topics easily accessible in audio and Windows optimized video formats, and listen to music from Mars Hill bands. Then share sermons you watch with friends too. Stay up to date with the latest Mars Hill news from the Mars Hill blog with the Windows blog reader. Mars Hill is about Jesus, making disciples and planting churches. Please leave us feedback at


  • Stream sermons and music to any "Play To" device such as an XBox 360.
  • Create and store a custom sermon play list.
  • Create and store a custom music play list.
  • Download sermons to view offline.

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15 March 2014

This app is one of the best windows 8 apps I have used. It could use just a little bit of visual appeal as it is a little simple. It is however one of the most functional and convenient apps I've seen in the store. I love how it supports the play to function, I love the availability of music and sermons and how easily it integrates those. A very nice job. More people should build apps like this one.


6 January 2014

I am a minister and as I've been moving around the country and even my home state I have enjoyed the ease that I have in being able to download and listen to the sermons on the go. Also, even when I'm just navigating the app in and of its self I find myself almost getting excited when I see a sermon title or a study that has a name that interests me- Then I notice it's from several years ago. Thank you to the entire Mars Hill community and thank you to the designers and maintenance workers on this app. Wonderful job.


25 December 2013

Thanks for this app! Works awesome.


1 December 2013

I was surprised it was on here. It is a really good app!


15 November 2013

Since the Windows store is only a year or two old, they haven't had many great apps to join. When I bought my Surface in July, I doubted Mars Hill would be on here, yet here they are! And praise God that they are! All their sermons are available and, minus a few small adjustments they could make (nothing too take away a star from), the app is smooth and great! GET IT NOW!


12 November 2013

I have been mostly listening to the music so far. At first I didn't like it that much, but it has grown on me. I appreciate the good biblical stand that you take.


11 October 2013

Thank you for giving us convenient and simple way to connect to Mars Hill and Mark's sermons. It works great on my Surface RT.


27 June 2013

love mars hill love this app. simple easy to use and so wonderful to listen to


26 June 2013

Love to see MH use technology to spread the gospel. Some good additions: Ability to search in App Sermon transcripts


14 June 2013

Well designed. I like the feature of being able to download a video for viewing/listening when off line. Well thought out.

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