Master of Mind Free

Master of Mind is a puzzle game inspired by the famous game "MasterMind". Discover the hidden combination with minimal testing. Ability to play alone or against a friend (versus mode: turn). Several levels of difficulty: number of pawn to find and number of different colors. Be the Master of Mind !


  • 6 difficulty levels
  • Single or multiplayer mode (1 or 2 players)
  • Endless game
  • Many achievements to unlock

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10 January 2016

just fun


25 April 2014

This looks good. But it doesn't feel good. I'm sure it's a quick fix, but the touch controls, sliding the pawns across the screen, are rather finicky. If you can't fix the sliding, I'd say do something like touch the pawn then touch its destination. Maybe give the user the option.


6 February 2014

Like the classic board game, with levels


7 October 2013

passes time


12 September 2013

Brown belt gets MY brain going


1 September 2013

had this in a board game as a kid and still love it


12 August 2013

Played Master Mind a lot with my Mom growing up. It's close to the same game, but slightly different. Good, basic and feels the same. Thumbs up here!


10 August 2013

The beginning level is lame... I play the board game "Mastermind," and I would like more choices of colors and numbers of pieces.


9 August 2013

The pieces are too hard to move. You have to keep trying over and over to "pick up" the piece so you can move it into place. Too frustrating so the game is no fun.


3 August 2013


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