Want to to train your brain? Try Matched, the next great logic game for Windows 8! Form matches of three cards that have either all the same or all different attributes. Complete daily challenges to earn badges and see where you rank on the monthly leaderboards.


  • Fun brain training for all ages
  • Three unique daily challenges
  • Three game modes: Classic, Keep it Going, and Puzzle
  • Additional Hard mode for advanced players
  • Detailed instructions

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8 April 2016

I like challenge, the concept however, my brain having difficult time with it. But, will get trying.


22 March 2016

The instructions are not clear enough. This is a hard and frustrating game. Considering deleting it.


29 September 2015

Daily challenges aren't very challenging though.


5 September 2015

hate it nasty game


29 May 2015

Mine left screaming during my first game (EASY first level) WHOA! THIS IS NOT A KIDS" GAME--although I wonder how a kids vs. adults match would turn out?????? This is a challenge. I'll be back after I find my brain... later! After playing it does get easier, but not having any clue to start makes you want to scratch the INSIDE of your brain....FUN! You begin to think you "have this game", and BOING!...You've been done...I am stumbling a maze! (You folk would make a great 3-D maze game, I bet!!!!) more later...


15 March 2015

teaches your eyes to look


11 January 2015

fun game, somewhat challenging, really do enjoy playing it a lot !!!!


3 November 2014

Great SET-style matching game. Only wish there were options to increase matches allowed to increase playing time.


20 July 2014

great game to get your mind moving,,,


5 June 2014

This is a good game if you have a lot of time to spend. It takes a little while to get used to the rules. Good brain drain. For now, I will give it a one star.

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