Math in Space

Do you face this predicament? You know that the tablet is a great learning tool and there are many good educational app out there. However, your child finds them boring and not engaging. On the other hand, your child simply cannot let go of games which you felt had almost zero educational value. This is where we bridge this gap. Our mission is to bring education to games and games back into education. This is the classic galaxy quest that all children will love playing. We have redesigned it to infuse with learning pedagogy. Each level is designed with certain amount of difficulty such that the player must "train hard" in order to complete. The training involves the player to practice Math in order to accumulate credits so as to make his spaceship more powerful. There are "Addition", "Subtraction", Multiplication" and "Division" training for player of different levels but with increasing rewards. In this case, a player will be motivated to practice the next higher order of math operation so as to accumulate more credits in a shorter amount of time. There are a total of 7 different planets with 7 "Bosses" to defeat. You can be assured that your child would have spent significant amount of time practicing Math by the time he completed all the levels. We had conducted a pilot test and statistics shown that an average first-grader would have spent 3 hours of practicing Math in order to complete all the levels. They also shown an increase in their ability to give the correct answer faster as the game goes on. They were also motivated to tackle and learn the high order Math so as to acquire the credits faster. We hope your child will have fun playing and learning.


  • 4 math operation for different levels
  • classic Galaxy Quest
  • 7 Different Adventures
  • 7 Different Boss
  • 1 great Learning Experience

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20 November 2013

Please get this app fixed! It does not work on the Surface 2 until you lower the screen resolution. I should not have to do this.


28 September 2013

Not bad.


4 September 2013

This is a fun way for young children to practice Math. My son just kept on working on the Math so as to earn credit to upgrade his spaceship.