Math Lightning

Sharpen your child's math skills with this fun, easy to use flashcard app. Problems are automatically generated in different formats so your child will learn to easily solve math problems regardless of how they are presented. Correct answers are shown after each problem so your child can learn as they go. MathLightning generates addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems for numbers 1-12.


  • Horizontal and vertical problem layouts
  • Solving for different parts of equations e.g. 6 + ? = 12
  • Answers shown after every problem
  • Advanced customization screen that allows you to choose additional options
  • Fun colors keep kids attention
  • Practice at your own pace or see how many problems you can solve in one minute

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26 December 2013

Fun Math app! Great app for kids


21 December 2013

This well made app is perfect for my daughter who is beginning to learn basic math. Intuitive, smart, and well thought through. My daughter loves the touch interface and the flash card like simulation. It keeps track of your score, time. She loves the colors on each screen and the big numbers. Great app!


8 June 2013

Great app for having kids practice their math.