Math Maze

3D Maze game where you must solve simple math problems and defeat enemies to advance to the exit.


  • Maze
  • Game
  • Math
  • Education

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1 March 2016

It is always great to play games by independent developers, and especially good to see an educational game in that category. Nostalgia is dripping from the 'Doom' style graphics which took me back to some good memories. I figured out the touch controls eventually - did I miss a help/tutorial page? In 'sum' the game has cool retro 3D graphics and bumpin' music that I thoroughly enjoyed. The controls were intuitive as possible for touch screen limitations, but I wonder if children/rookie-gamers might have difficulty with the controls. It would be cool to see some high school or college level questions, or perhaps an option to select which topics will be reviewed during the game. Note: I did not make it far enough to see if the questions indeed get more difficult.