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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    This update include: Emby rebranding Win10 native MKV support Win10 native Flac support LiveTV Guide LiveTV bugfixes Support for VideoBackdrops

Ember for Emby

Emby is a way of browsing your own media collection, whether it be movies, tv shows or music, Emby will allow you to watch or listen to them on your Windows 8.1 device or play them on another compatible Emby client. ****IMPORTANT INFORMATION**** In order to useEmby, you need to have installed the Emby server on a remote machine from http://emby.media/download and have it configured. Support: Support can be found on twitter (@mediabrowser), facebook (http://facebook.com/mediabrowser.tv) or MediaBrowser forum (http://mediabrowser.tv/community/). Reviews: We love the reviews, it helps us to make the app better, however if you have any problems, please contact us prior to negative reviews, we might be able to help.


  • Browse your media
  • Stream videos to your device
  • Stream music to your device
  • Remote control other Emby players (like Emby Theater)
  • Supports PlayTo
  • LiveTile
  • Two different layouts
  • Subtitles, just bring up the appbar during playback to change subtitles
  • Audiotracks, just bring up the appbar during playback to change audiotrack

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7 May 2016

Too much trouble to go through just to see if it will work. While the app was trying to get me to jump through hoops and log in, another app finished downloading, so... bye bye Emby, sorry, you don't have a leg to stand on with all those requirements, when people just want to play a video and get on with it.


25 September 2015

Netflix had the same issue the other day and they fixed it it has omething to do with a windows.api its in the event log


20 August 2015

Emby server running on Windows 10 PC seems to be the problem. Uninstalling has no effect. Needs to be fixed ASAP!


19 August 2015

Will not launch anymore


6 July 2015

This is a great app for the modern Windows experience with the best media solution out there! Always improving and adding new features and provides a very neat interface for all your media.


28 June 2015

Can't get past the login screen. When I enter the password for my server, the app crashes and returns me to my desktop


22 June 2015

For the purchase price I would expect to be able to configure the presentation layer to remove most recently added files or on-deck files and go straight to library. There's also no "next" or "previous" buttons on episodes to you have to keep backing out of a watched episode to get to select the next one. Support is pretty much self-service and they ignore any legitimate complaints as they try to use support for marketing what they do and push you to be a supporter. Live TV setup is a dice roll because of the limited support on the server side.


29 April 2015

There is a program in the support pages that sends you to Microsoft for a fix allowing a loopback to itself for this to work.


27 April 2015

Great app, works as advertised and looks great


13 March 2015

I am using the one day trial. Performs great on tablet. The remote control feature to control my media center session was poor. It got out of sync quickly and didn't work after that. I'll try streaming to my office tomorrow and see how it handles over the web

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