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    Release 13: Added controller button to navigate to Recorded TV Added view for media center hard drive info. Minor visual & keyboard control updates. Release 12: Optimized for Windows 8.1! Releases 10 & 11: Better mouse & keyboard support. Remote shutdown restart sleep support. Releases 8 & 9: Visual enhancements to 'Current Playlist' page. Ability to remove individual songs from current playlist. Navigate to 'Current Playlist' page, tap-and-hold a song to see the option to remove. squished minor bugs. Release 7: Album Art quality and performance improvements. Releases 5 & 6: Added preferences to allow "Single-Tap to Play" to allow the choice of double-tapping or single-tapping an item to play it. squished minor bugs. Release 4: Better ability to navigate to the currently playing playist from the 'now playing' screen. User Guide is now accessible from the Settings charm under 'Help'. Release 3: Ability to manually configure the app. Release 2: New Snapped Remote. Additional help content and bug fixes. Release 1: Initial Release.

media center remote for windows 8

The Media Center Remote for Windows 8 UI app along with the corresponding Media Center Remote Command Listener can control your Windows Media Center computer over the Wi-Fi in your house. You can browse your music, picture, and video libraries on your Windows 8 device. Search for songs, artists, and albums to play or queue or browse your collections as well as playlists to play on your Windows Media Center computer. You can also play pictures and picture albums, or videos. The app also provides the ability to control basic functions like play, stop, previous, and next, along with volume and channel control. You can control the interface from your Windows 8 device using directional buttons or a gesture pad to 'swipe' through the menus. There is also remote keyboard functionality. Please note that this application currently does not support Recorded TV yet. There is also the ability to snap the app to have a Remote Control while running another app like a browser. Extenders such as the Xbox 360 are also supported. My Media Center add-in called the Remote Command Listener is required for the remote to connect. It can be found at: My Media Center Remote Command Listener Add-In from: http://bradmauk.me/themediacenterproject/RemoteCommandListener/


  • browse and play / queue music, pictures, and videos
  • control media playback (play, stop, pause, previous, next)
  • search your music and playlist collections
  • control volume and channel
  • control the Media Center UI
  • see what's playing now
  • see the current playlist

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12 February 2015

I've had this for some time now, and it works great for me. I've also worked with the developer to make improvements in search and he's been very responsive and open to ideas.


3 July 2014

Does not work on windows 8.... Cant get it started to link to xbox..


15 December 2013

Not useful to me without TV.


2 June 2013

In principle does what it says, but really too basic for a paid app. No wake on LAN (fairly critical for a media center), very simplistic "Now Playing" - often not even showing album art, artist browsing only by name and no Graphics, enabling single click to play albums crashes app when used, app can only run full screen, etc. Fundamentally a good concept but need much more polish to be a joy to use and nice to show off while playing music e.g. at parties.


28 January 2013

I wanted media center music control from another room/computer and here it is. Perfect organization and flow to the artist and album you want. Great job.


16 January 2013

Needs UI improvements. Press-and-hold to play is quite annoying and unnecessary.


6 January 2013

This app is supposed to be a remote control for WMC, yet you can't control WMC sound volume with it. Huh? Navigating through media is cumbersome. Tapping on a song does not actually play it. That requires a press-and-hold or a double-tap procedure. Basic playback controls are hidden in a menu that needs to be pulled up. Does not support launching any add-ins (you can only control Pictures and Music). The app has an icon for Videos, but cannot actually access the "Video Library" area of WMC.


28 December 2012

LOVE being able to use my Surface Type cover for text entry in Media Center instead of the remote. Only ask is to add direct link to jump to Recorded TV.


26 December 2012

Fürther there is no possability to configure anything


23 December 2012

works great

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