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  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    - Added support for Tile notifications. - Added an "All Media" category. - Remembering previous position in last watched video. - Other minor improvements and bug fixes.


Download the Internet in HD, then take it with you! Now free!!! MediaBot is an app that allows you to view any site's photos and videos in an experience optimized for media browsing. All media gets downloaded locally to your computer, and you can even view it offline and take it with you. It's great for sites that are sluggish to load and browse, or long airplane rides when you don't have internet. If you set a schedule, MediaBot will download photos and videos in the background, even without the app running, as long as your computer is plugged into power and has Internet connectivity.


  • Download photos and videos for local full-screen off-line browsing
  • Automatically download new media in the background
  • Download YouTube HD Videos using a search term
  • Download Flickr photos using a search term
  • Download Tumblr blogs
  • Download any custom URL that's HTML compatible

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4 January 2015

it just displays the app icon and stay that way. I just closed the app after 10 seconds


2 February 2014

Great for offline viewing. Very fast and easy to use.


14 July 2013

NEW: The update makes it more intuitive/easier. This app is great for browsing photos on my favorite fashion sites. Especially if you deal with a clunky site that doesn't display well in the browser, which seems to be every other site these days... or a slow site. I point it at the Bebe, Cache or Victoria's Secret and voila, I can see the latest fashions and their just-in additions, all in one place. If I like something I see, the open link makes it super easy to go back to the site and buy it.


10 April 2013

I paid my $2 for this and it doesn't seem to do anything AT ALL. I followed the instructions given, but it JUST DOESN'T WORK. BOOOOOOOO....


5 January 2013

Mediabot actually makes it extremely easy to crawl web sites and download content. My friend suggested using it to download p0rn off of web sites and lo and behold, that is what I tried to do and it worked like a charm. Naturally, it works for downloading content off of any other type of web sites, but the ability to download p0rn definitely makes it a surprisingly useful tool in my web utility arsenal and perfect for those lonely nights at sea. ;-)