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    + Bug fix for longer ringtones (previously Setting them as Ringtones didn't work correctly) + New Section COMMUNITY, now YOU can add new tones (upload them to dropbox, then create a link to share them and paste it inside the app section "ADD A TONE") + Notifications on new tones is now here. + UI improvement (dark status bar, splash screen and more); + from now, no need to update app for new tones! check the NEW category page. It will be soon updated with fresh tones you've requested. + long tap on tones has been improved too.


A nice Library with few useful tones for your mobile phone. Get official app alert sound like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yo and more. The app also features different categories like Unique, Vintage, Games and ..OOPS, I think you'll enjoy especially the last one. It save you the time you use to search on the net. You'll like it. Melodia Community is NOW here. Help us increasing a great library of Tones. *AVAILABLE ALSO ON WINDOWS PHONE. Buy ones and you'll be able to use this on your other Windows Device.* PRIVACY POLICY This app is connected to internet to trasmit specific data you will send using the botton 'Submit', once you want to partecipate to Community. It use also internet to download specific list for category. It doesn't collect any of your data without your permission. HOW THIS WORK? Play the tone and press 'Save' or 'Share' button. Then send it to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone and set it as alert tone for SMS, Voice Message, MMS or Apps.


  • Get fresh tones for your notifications.
  • android, ios, wp, and more tones.

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