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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    This is a stability and improved quality of service update: - General bug fixes - Fixed bug where toasts show even when app is in foreground - Fixed bug where messages were missed (introduced in recent update)

Mercury Chat

Mercury is a Google Talk client for Windows 8. It provides a clean and efficient interface to Google's chat service to talk with friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else in your Google Talk contact list.


  • Toast/Tile/Badge notifications for incoming messages
  • Customizable color scheme and backgrounds
  • Other UI customizations
  • Supports all snap widths
  • Inline links, images, mp3 audio, and YouTube videos
  • Bolding/underlining/italicizing of message text, as well as preservation of formatting (see settings)
  • OAUTH2 secure sign in with Google
  • Automatic login when signing into Windows (optional)
  • Local chat logs
  • Google custom status/availability
  • Auto away status after ten minutes in the background
  • Message input auto-focused when you start typing
  • Add/remove/hide/favorite Google Talk contacts
  • Quick switching between active conversations using Ctrl+Tab
  • Quickly share information with Mercury from other apps using the Share charm
  • Search for your chat contacts in Mercury using the search button or charm
  • Keyboard friendly (keyboard shortcuts can replace need for mouse)
  • Easy image sharing via imgur

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5 March 2015

Self Explanatory Title


20 October 2014

With Google pretty much dropping support for Google Talk on Windows, I was really glad to find this app running as a beautiful, full-featured "Modern" app in Windows 8. It allows me to stay connected to my Gmail-using friends without hassle. UPDATE: It's been good, but every now and then messages are missed (I think due to Google's API), and the application has some stability issues on resume. There are also occasions when their server stops working for extended periods, rendering chat inaccessible.


30 September 2014

When it works, it works well. But that's only when it works. I started having intermittent connection issues, and as of a couple days ago, I can't even log in anymore. Their site is no longer active. I can't contact the developer as there is no way to get rid of the error message that takes over the whole screen for more than 2 seconds.


27 August 2014

Has some cool features, too bad stability isn't one of them. Doesn't seem to have state managed properly or is simply crashing. In any case, it crashes almost any time it returns from a suspended state. Doesn't seem to have a cloud or push service to fall back on so if it's suspended or crashed, you'll miss messages. This is speaking from a Surface Pro 3. Maybe it runs better on a desktop. Uninstalling for now.


20 July 2014

Pretty awesome!


8 April 2014

I love the app overall, I would give it five stars if it allowed me to log in to multiple accounts at the same time.


26 March 2014

I tried IM+, but it had a confusing interface and had trouble running in the background. I tried "Chat", but it spammed alerts whenever I lost my internet connection commuting, and required a tedious reconnection process. Mercury is my chat app savior! It's full featured, supporting off-the-record and image embeds seamlessly. It's also been reliable, un-intrusive, easy to use, supports Win 8.1 dynamic split-screen sizing, and looks good.


24 March 2014

Really the best gchat client. Beautiful UI; toast notifications; in-line photo and video sharing, just awesome. And as an added bonus, developers are very responsive to emails!


22 March 2014

Much better than the other google talk messenger I tried....very clean design and seems to be stable.


13 March 2014

The UI/UX definitely needs some work. No reason that an app on Windows for a Google service can't have some familiar Google aspects to it. The settings screen is not responsive. If you have the app docked on a side and at it's smallest width, you only see half the setting's screen. Would be great if it pulled past chat history as well.

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