MetaMoJi Share for Business Ver.2

METAMOJI SHARE FOR BUSINESS REQUIRES A METAMOJI CLOUD LICENSE PLEASE CONTACT US AT BUSINESS.METAMOJI.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION MetaMoJi Share for Business allows groups to collaborate on documents and virtual paper, in real-time. Bring together teams of meeting participants from anywhere in the world to share notes and to visually express their ideas in live interactive online meetings. The audio recording features ensure an accurate record of meeting minutes and offer an added boost to group productivity. MetaMoJi Share for Business provides a toolbox of rich creativity tools that can be used by authorized meeting participants, and whose resulting content is shared immediately to everyone’s devices using an optimized streaming technology. Mix work documents, PDF content, text, handwriting, sketching, diagrams, photographs, web page captures, and more in real-time. Meeting organizers can restrict individual participants to specific roles during the meeting, and can control exactly what each device connected to the meeting sees. It is also possible for each individual to work on different parts of the document at the same-time – for example if preparing a document for a presentation. The winner of two Envisioneering awards at CES Showstoppers 2014, MetaMoJi Share for Business is based on the same framework as the multi-award winning MetaMoJi Note app. MetaMoJi Share for Business encourages meeting participants to “think together”, supporting up to one hundred authors working on the same document simultaneously and up to one thousand viewers. Key Features: • Up to 100 people working together in real-time, creating content comprising of text, handwriting, PDF, work documents, photos, and drawings. • Meeting controls allowing the meeting chair to pass control of documents to other participants without dropping the session. Meetings can be “chaired”, forcing all participants to view the same page and zoomed area as the presenter, or “free-format” allowing all participants to edit the document as they need. • Grab your great ideas quickly with voice memos which you can tag to your visual content – convenient audio editing features allow you to index voice cues to any document or part of a document – even drawings, annotated graphics or PDF documents. • Interactive chat bar for all meeting participants allows questions and recording of comments • Laser pointer tool allows meeting participants to highlight areas of a document they are discussing without applying any modifications to the document. • Import images, graphics and Microsoft Office files via Google Drive • Password protect documents for privacy • Annotation of PDF documents and other work documents in real-time; co-signing a non-disclosure document has never been so easy! • Flexible synchronization of files and folders to our cloud service, allowing you to back-up and manage your documents across multiple devices • Auto save feature to track and save each participant’s input without manual intervention • The Shared Drive capability allows co-editing and ownership of documents – one version of the truth rather than multiple copies on individual devices • Change tracking helps monitor and audit who performed document content during meetings • Flexible scaling means you can visualize each page of your document as a large whiteboard or as a small sticky note, all the while maintaining 100% visual integrity with up to 50X zoom capability and vector graphic resolution quality • Enhanced Jump functions allow for you to assign visual points to easily navigate around complex compositions while you are presenting • Shapes tool provides editable shapes • Smart cropping tool vastly extends photo editing • User management tools facilitate sharing your device among different accounts Some Ways Our App Is Being Used: • Managers will find that MetaMoJi Share enables more efficient online meetings, encouraging participants to engage in visual interaction and brainstorming. This is also effective in sales, training, and instructional environments. • Financial advisors can use MetaMoJi Share for investment counseling, status reporting, debt analysis, and income planning. Using MetaMoJi Share allows customers and prospects to view documents with their advisor at any time and location • Media Producers and Directors can use MetaMoJi Share to plan production schedules, order and manage resources and venues, coordinate and document staff and script meetings, and record and report progress. • Community leaders can use MetaMoJi Share to support emergency response, monitor resource management, support law enforcement, and manage public meetings. • Researchers and Health Professionals can visually share ideas and collaborate on research and data, for example enabling better patient counseling and fitness education • Engineers and Architects can share PDF CAD drawings, reports, and images to problem solve and plan work from any location • Educators can deliver and present source materials to a group and encourage visual as well as verbal interaction with the course content. MetaMoJi Corporation Privacy Policy: Support: Contact us: